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Is Bobi Wine fulfilling a Deal with His European Backers to Frustrate Uganda’s Economic Independence?

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine while addressing media at the NUP headquarters in Kamwokya Okayed the aggressive resolution by the European Union Parliament to delay the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project.

His statement has disappointed majority of Ugandans who expect the project to boost Uganda’s and East Africa’s economy.

Mugenyi Allan, a NUP supporter stated his frustration with Kyagulanyi saying he feels betrayed by his party president.

“We are disappointed by our leader Kyagulanyi to team up with the EU to stop the plans of the EACOP. This appears to be a complete betrayal and misrepresentation to Ugandans, he must be getting something for himself to support such a bad decision,” Mugenyi said.

The Deputy speaker of legislative assembly Mr. Thomas Tayebwa last week condemned the EU resolution saying it’s a motion that seeks to starve the economic development of not only Uganda but also East Africa.

“This motion seeks to curtail the progress of Uganda’s Oil and Gas developments and by extension, the country’s socio-economic growth and development. The resolution represents the highest level of Neo-colonialism and imperialism against the sovereignty of Uganda and Tanzania,” Hon. Tayebwa’s stated.  

According to African culture, a normal man leaves his father’s house to start his home regardless of the soft life he experienced in that house. As it’s impossible for that man to develop while in his father’s house so it will be with Uganda staying at the mercy of the West’s donations.

We need to take a step on our own to establish such projects which will push our country out of the circles of beggars.

According to the  Directorate of Petroleum Uganda, over 14,000 Ugandans will be directly employed by the oil companies, 45,000 will be indirectly employed by the contractors and induced employment of about 105,000 people as a result of utilization of other services by the oil and gas sector.

The Directorate further states that direct employment, 57% are expected to be Ugandans, which is expected to result in an estimated USD 48.5 million annual payment to Ugandan employees.

The NUP leader has made a provocative statement at a time when Ugandans mostly the youth are promisingly waiting for the implementation of the EACOP project which is set to advance their standards of living.

On Tuesday a group of youth from different parts of the country including those from Kyagulanyi’s party NUP staged a demonstration over EU parliament against EACOP repeatedly shouting “EU leave our oil alone.”

President Museveni urged Ugandans not to worry about the EU resolution because the project will be established as it was planned before.

“We should remember that Total Energies convinced me about the Pipeline idea; if they choose to listen to the EU Parliament, we shall find someone else to work with. Either way we shall have our oil coming out by 2025 as planned .So the people of Uganda should not worry,” Museveni twitted.

Ugandans should stop politicizing the issues of national importance because the EACOP project is expected to foster the economic development of Uganda as whole, not according to the differences in political parties and tribes.

Political observers have noted that Bobi Wine might be consolidating his deal with the European backers by frustrating and encouraging other Ugandans to frustrate EACOP.

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