Invest More in Vocational Skills, UPC Tells Government


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The Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) head of communication, Faizal Muzeyi, has urged the government of Uganda to prioritize vocational or technical training to solve the problem of unemployment among the increasing number of young people in Uganda.

Muzeyi made these remarks on July 3, 2024, while addressing members of the press at the UPC party offices at Uganda House on Jinja Road in Kampala about the increasing youth population as evidenced by the last census carried out by UBOS.

“The recently released population census results allude to the fact that Uganda is experiencing a rapidly growing young population, which population continues to seek help from parents, relatives, guardians, or even friends in the wake of high levels of unemployment in the country and the struggling economy. This type of life is a recipe for desperation and danger for society if not well handled,” Muzeyi said.

Muzeyi suggested that the only way to handle unemployment is to invest more in vocational and technical schools that offer practical skills and produce knowledgeable and competent manpower, such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, technicians, and farmers, among others.

“This is one of the ways Uganda can produce more job creators than job seekers, who sometimes fall victim to human trafficking. We also need to practically support our local manufacturers to be able to produce quality products that can be consumed in the global market. Using local raw materials enables the country to generate jobs and enjoy the benefits of backward and forward linkages,” Muzeyi added.

Muzeeyi made these remarks a few days after the UBOS released preliminary census results, which indicate an increase of 11.3 million people.

The overall population stands at 45,935,046 million, with 23,440,016 females and 22,495,030 males. However, the youthful population below 17 years stands at 50.5%, and youths between 18-30 years make up 22.7%.

Uganda is one of the countries in the world with the youngest population, where over 78% of the population is under 30 years old, and with the government and private sector only being able to absorb a few graduates into formal employment, very many young people with classroom degrees remain unemployed compared to the few with hands-on skills or technical skills that are marketable and employable.

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