Inside MPs’ Full Attendance During Namuganza’s Censorship


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On Monday, January 23, 2023, the 11th Parliament, which last had full attendance on May 24th, 2021, during the inauguration, was full to capacity during the censorship of Minister Persis Namuganza. The house was full, and legislators were seen struggling to secure space to sit while others were sitting in shift.

Several heads have questioned where the legislators got the spirit of unity and commitment to national importance to the point where there were no party colors in the house, or are we going to see a new parliament that will take important matters forward?

According to MP Dan Kimosho, only an organized and disciplined group can effectively represent the interests of the public.

“Deep down there were members of the executive that were not also happy with the behavior of Namuganza, so we have together solved that problem of indiscipline,” said MP Kimosho.

Following the January 23rd, 2023, full attendance in parliament, will our legislators continue to register massive attendance, or was it just to express total disappointment against Minister Namuganza’s indiscipline?

Previously, the house had struggled with a high rate of nonattendance, according to Speaker of Parliament Anita Among, who had previously decried ministers’ and MPs’ habitual absenteeism.

Rule 112(1) provides that every member shall attend the sittings of the house unless leave of absence has been granted to him or her by the speaker. Under rule (3), applications for leaves of absence shall be made in writing unless the speaker, in exceptional circumstances, permits otherwise.

“It is unfortunate that the legislators entrusted with full authority to oversee social order in Uganda have turned deviant, a behavior so contrary to their oath,” said Speaker Among.

Food for thought for our leaders;

According to Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, once parliament summons anyone, they should honor the invitation out of respect for the law and good governance, even if they disagree with the reasons put forward.

“However powerful you are, you must honor summons from parliament; don’t ignore the summons, whether you are a minister, a public servant, or any normal citizen. Please when summoned by parliament, appear and answer the questions and listen to what is being said, if you don’t agree, go to court and challenge,” said Tayebwa.



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