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Indigent Bigirwa Abandoned By NUP Fraternity amidst Wedding Preparation Stress

NUP diehard, coordinator of Eastern region and formerly defeated contestant for Member of Parliament Kamuli Municipality, Moses Bigirwa has been abandoned   by NUP fraternity to swim alone in the pool of serious wedding preparation stress.

Bigirwa, who had been co-habiting with many women for over 10 years finally decided to settle down and make things official but he has been abandoned by his NUP comrades who have refused to give him contributions for his functions.

While appearing on a local TV show, Bigirwa said he is disappointed at how his colleagues have treated him after all the sacrifices he made for the party.

“I now understand that people are different and are treated differently. Just because I’m not financially well off now my colleagues have abandoned me yet I have been in the struggle from the very beginning,” Bigirwa stated.

Bigirwa revealed that he has approached the top leaders of the party multiple times requesting for support but he has been turned down.

“It is very unfortunate for the party to betray me in such a critical moment yet they supported previous functions of people like Joel Ssenyonyi and Francis Zaake who are financially stable,” he continued.

He stated that the lack of funds might cripple his wedding ceremonies but whoever he contacts dodges his calls and messages.

“I have called everyone I thought was my friend in that party but they don’t answer or promise to call back but they don’t. My wedding preparations are not going smoothly, I feel like giving up,” Bigirwa said.

Bigirwa’s ex-wife Rachael, who he separated from last year took to social media to show support for Bigirwa saying that he has been hit by rough financial times.

“I will give Bigirwa ugx10million for his wedding because he is so broke and his party members have abandoned him. Poor guy cannot even afford to feed his children including those he has with me,” Rachel said.  

Rachael, who is the mother of Bigirwa’s 3 children promised to look after the children without his help and also look for his other children with various women and support them.

NUP fraternity who were contacted stated that Bigirwa has become a beggar and casually referred to him as “Beggar Bigirwa.”

“We are tired of supporting him, he wants something from us all the time. From money for food, to money for clothes for him and his children, to various other requests, he has become a beggar,” a source stated.

Bigirwa stated that he is re-evaluating his position in NUP and the struggle.

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