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India to Build Multi-Billion Mahatma Gandhi Projects In Entebbe and Jinja

The government of Uganda has offered 20 acres of land to the
government of India to establish the Mahatma Gandhi center in Entebbe
and a cultural center in Jinja city.

While addressing journalists in Kampala together with the Indian state
Minister for External and parliamentary affairs,Shri Muraleedharan,
Hon Okello Oryem Uganda’s State Minister for foreign affairs said that
at least 15 acres of land have been identified in Entebbe while five
acres were also identified in Jinja, Eastern Uganda.

The construction of the Mahatma Gandhi center in Entebbe and the
cultural center in Jinja city which will include a hostel and a
conference center will be starting soon on the 15 and 5 acres of land

Henry Okello-Oryem said the historical and economic relationship
between Uganda and India is incomparable, describing it as “very
special and cordial.”

Okello-Oryem asked UIA and Uganda Revenue Authority should popularize
investment opportunities and incentives in Uganda to Indian investors
and business people in order to attract more.

Oryem further urged UIA to not only focus on big investors and
businesses but the small ones too in order to challenge Ugandans and
get them into cottage industries.

Minister Muraleedharan, who is on a three-day visit to Uganda also
noted that India used to have a struggling agricultural sector to the
extent that it was a net importer of many foodstuffs but that has now
changed, thanks to strategic investment in agriculture, citing dairy
and grains as examples.

“India used to be a net importer of grains and is now not only
self-sufficient but is able to export grains and engage in grain
diplomacy,” he said, adding that: “This has been achieved due to a
grain revolution which is part of India’s white revolution we adopted.
India will be happy to share that experience with partner countries
like Uganda.”

“The finest cotton in the world is produced here in Uganda and we
shall support a mechanism for Uganda to produce, process and market
her cotton globally,” he said.

Muraleedharan said that India will support Uganda’s agricultural
sector especially in dairy, grain and cotton production, as well as
irrigation systems.

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