In Jacob Oulanya Death, Namitti Musaazi Still Behaves Like a Toddler


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My attention is drawn to an article written by Namitti Musaazi published in the Sunday Daily Monitor of March 27, 2022 titled “Oulanya’s Death Triggers Real and Crocodile Tears”.

Namiti wrote that he was face-palmed when he read one of the condolence messages sent to the family of Jacob Oulanyah coming from an MP who had not set foot in parliament since the late speaker was elected into office in May 2021.

He added that Oulanya had family and friends who loved him and shading real tears and that there also Ugandans shedding crocodile tears. He alleged that there were even Ugandans who literally celebrated and shared news of his death on social media with great enthusiasm.

According to Namiti, when Ugandans who are suffering see that you are close to the regime responsible for not only torture but also death of their sons and daughters, they blacklist you.

That it is why these days we see people erupting in cerebration when they hear news of the death of government officials including Oulanyah.

Namiti concludes by saying that lesson of Oulanya death leaves us is need to fix politics by replacing the current rotten leadership with good leadership.

Well, the death of Rt Hon Jacob Oulanya was no exception and Namitti’s reaction is just another example of a chance exploited. By the way for God’s sake, why would someone celebrate death if he or she is not a witch ? Chief justice Owiny Dollo put it well, only a wicked person can fight a person who is fighting for his life, only a super wicked person can fight the dead.

The shameless likes of Namiti even in his death are not happy with the late because he transformed from abrasiveness and tamed his brutal tongue, temper and sensational politics with measured persuasive style something the Musaazi hate to hear. Surprisingly, no one knows when his or her candle would burn out. Let us learn to  mourn our important persons with decency and give them the maximum respect that they deserve in death as they deserved in life in order to uphold their legacy as national leaders whether in opposition or in government.

It is only a fool and stupid person who thinks they should fight someone they hold different views with- both in life and in death.

Namitti Musaazi like other hostile opposition political activists , he is routinely bent over destroying the ruling NRM image at whatever opportunity.

He cannot continue using Daily Monitor as a tool of demobilization against government in favour of his opposition parties. Political parties should compete in terms of ideas and agenda and if he thinks his party have better ideas let him bring them out for Ugandans to judge.

NRM has been voted by the majority Ugandans for the last 30 years plus because they see it has good agenda to drive Uganda into a prosperous first world country.


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