I would have Loved to Receive Ugx 500m for Service Award-Sseggona


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The National Unity Platform (NUP) party legislator for Busiiro East in Wakiso district, Medard Lubega Sseggona, has said that he would pocket the service award of Ugx 500 million that was given to the former Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP), Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, for his incredible performance during his term in the office of LOP.

According to Sseggona, a huge responsibility comes with the position of LOP, stating that it is an honor to reward a person like Mpuuga who has shouldered such a responsibility successfully.

“It’s true that the commissioners were given an appreciation for their service, a service award. It hurt me because I would have also wanted to receive it, but they were being appreciated for their work, so I have no problem with that,” Sseggona said.

Sseggona made the remarks while speaking to the people who were attending the Thanksgiving mass organized by Mpuuga at Kitovu Sports Arena in Masaka.

According to Sseggona, several leaders in Parliament earn differently, including Joel Ssenyonyi, who is the current LOP, adding that Mpuuga deserved the award.

“You can’t get the same remuneration as the commissioners. Joel Ssenyonyi earns more than me, yet I am more experienced than him. Mathias Mpuuga’s contributions and work are fundamental to our cause. His leadership is still needed in this cause,” Sseggona said.

He, however, challenged the Kyagulanyi group, whom he accused of intimidating the people of Masaka, against attending the mass.

“There were some people who said that this Thanksgiving wouldn’t happen and that people would stone each other, but people are here seated peacefully. What you see here is the real NUP, and this is what we believe in,” Sseggona said.

“I heard rumors that they were calling members, telling them they would be denied party cards if they attended Mpuuga’s Thanksgiving. I’m glad I wasn’t called, and if it’s true, then it’s absurd. Friendships go beyond politics,” he added.

Ssegona called upon all of Mpuuga’s supporters not to be diverted from the real issues that they are facing.

Mpuuga has since been accused of misusing his former office as LOP to receive a service award of Ugx 500 million, something that has been branded as corruption by some leaders and people in the country.

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