How NUP-Bobi Wine continues to die in own hostility against Judiciary


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On February 22, 2021, Ugandan Opposition Leader, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine accused Judiciary of biasness.

Bobi Wine, the leader of National Unity Platform party who had also contested for Presidency but was overwhelmingly defeated by the NRM President Yoweri Museveni subsequently  announced the withdrawal of his then petition challenging the victory of Kaguta.

Under the story titled; “Uganda Opposition Leader Bobi Wine Accuses Court of Bias, Withdraws Election Petition”, published on that dame day on the Voice of America media website, Kyagulanyi maintained that judicial system un Uganda is biased and alleged to NRM system, a claim which he had to bitterly swallow on Friday, June 24th, 2021 hardly over a year later.

The same Court has continued to shock Bobi Wine, and other opposition parties including the FDC Dr Kizza Besigye  by doing just law and Constitution facilitate administration of Justices in Uganda.

While delivering ruling on the electoral petition in which Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba (NRM) had challenged the victory of Mityana Woman MP Joyce Bagala (NUP) on Friday, this same Court delivered justice to Bobi Wine.

This is considered yet another dose of shame, embarrassment and quite challenging to pokitically selfish and opportunists like Bobi Wine and other opposition politicians.

In their wise ruling, the three Justices of the appellate court led by Geoffrey Kiryabwire set aside the Mubende High Court decision that had nullified Bagala’s victory on grounds that there was noncompliance with the electoral laws.

After finding it hard to swallow, the Western backed Musician- Kyagulanyi who has continued to perish in his own opposition political games, unrealistic utterances and biasness against the NRM regime was quick to shamelessly act like the judicial system had done otherwise.

“Don’t be so quick to celebrate when they give you the small victories, they are the ones that stole your big victory in the first place. They are not independent!Be woke,” Shameless Kyagulanyi tweeted.

A shot of what Bobi Wine tweeted minutes after the ruling.

As an aspiring leader of the Country, Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine should stop being selfish and jealous against the judicial  administrative systems under NRM leadership.

In Romans 13:1, the Bible says; “All institutions of government are ordained by God () and therefore every Christian is to be subject to the government authorities, because God is the Sovereign Who ordains all human governments. Consequently, whoever rebels against a government authority is rebelling against what God Has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves (Romans 13:2).

For Kyagulanyi to be irrelevantly negative against all government institutions and programs always, its not just against the will of the Lord, Ugandans but selfish to himself. It also speaks volume about his regime administration only if ever he becomes the President of Uganda.

Whereas Bobi Wine downplayed to openly credit the Judicial independence, NUP party presented a little appreciation in their congratulatory message to MP Bagala.

“Congratulations to comrade MP Joyce Bagala who has been confirmed by the Court of Appeal as the duly elected Mityana Woman MP,” NUP party tweeted

“Now the Courts is working wait when one NUP Mp loses then the Courts are under the Junta,” Mugisha Richard,  a social media fanatic said.

To MP Bagala whose victory was upheld by the court, she openly recognised the Judicial independence exhibited by the Court of Appeal.

How NUP MP Bagala finally appreciated the independence of Judiciary after her ruling

“To God be the Glory!!! The Court of Appeal has defended the will of the people by confirming me as the duly elected Mityana District woman representative 2021-2026,” She said.


“When will you ever accept that you lost genuinely?Your family was rejected politically b’se even your elder brother Nyanzi Ssentamu was rejected in kampala central as an mp and your sister in Gomba was also rejected.Even your brother Eddy Yawe lost in kira in 2016,” Mugara Joseph another political activist complained.

Another NUP follower said, “We all know you only celebrate when it you and your family but please other families also want that money you want.”

In Uganda today, the judicial system is only believed to be independently delivering just justice in accordance with the Constitution and in unbiased manner only when Opposition figure has won the court case.

This negative aspiration is more prominent among the opposition group who either ignorantly believe or are misled that law is made for a few section but not to serve the country.


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