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How Kampala dwellers brave DMC taxis for daily survival

Rogers Omoding  a resident of Makindye- Luwaffu, faced an embarrasing moment one day as he appeared for an interview.  

He was smartly dressed in a white shirt and while seated in a queue waiting for his name to be called for the interview, a certain lady alerted him about a bed bug on his shirt. 

Omoding was shocked that he thought the lady was playing a prank on him, since he was so nervous due to the interview, it took the lady’s intervention by throwing it off his shirt that he came to his senses and apologized.  

The lady asked him if he came driving or by public. That is when it dawned him that he had moved in a taxi, and there was a lady in the taxi, who had complained about the bed bugs in the taxi.

He explained to the lady who told him, that it is common in most commuter taxis since they are not always clean. 

Kampala city is full of commuter taxis that carry people on a daily basis doing many rounds depending on the traffic of the day.

Most of these taxis ferry people on various routes. However their cleanliness, and poor mechanical condition is quite alarming.  

Kampala City is yet to introduce standard public transport means, a move that shall save passengers from taxis full bedbugs, dusty chairs. 

“I had an interview, woke up early prepared and headed for the stage. Boarded a commuter taxi as usual, got to the interview place on time, while seated waiting, a lady taps me and says there is a bed bug on your shirt, you can imagine the embarrassment,” Rogers said.  

To make matters worse, with the already poorly maintained taxis, drivers are so careless, break traffic rules, and brake suddenly, these reckless driving put passengers at high risks. 

Taxi owners should not only be interested in money, but be conscious about the safety of passengers, embrace regular services, constant cleaning to avoid bedbugs among others are critical in this business.      

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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