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How constant whatsApp status update caused the death of my cousin

In this modern day and era, 90% of the world population can access the internet and are familiar with social media platforms like  whatsApp, twitter, pintrest, tik tok, Facebook to mention but a few.

These have in one way or the other changed people’s lives over the years and for instance, a friend of mine started marketing his product on his social media pages and it has completely changed his life.

Collins started out with this business idea when he was laid off at his previous job as a banker during the first phase of Covid-19 in 2020 and yet, he had a family to take care off.

Luckily it worked out that even when they called him back for the job, he respectfully declined it.

We keep hearing of different stories about social media being a tool of success, happiness, a form of communication and a platform for interaction with very many people and a place to be cool at.

Generally, keeping up with social media trends is the real normal however, there is the bad side of putting your life out there for the world to see.

About a month ago, I lost my cousin in a very ugly manner. She woke up at around 5:50am to prepare for her morning run but unfortunately, she did not make it back home.

I was already at work when I received a call from my sister telling me that Kate had been murdered. I was dumbstruck and shocked. I had just seen this girl not more than 2hours ago, what had happened?

I rushed home in tears to be told that she was shot at by people on a boda boda when she was jogging. It was such a sad thing that someone was killed while trying to keep fit.

If it had been an accident that would be understandable because such situations are inevitable but intended murder was something entirely different.

To cut the long story short, police investigations led to the arrest of these killers and confessed being sent by Kate’s rival at work.

She had been eyeing her position at the firm and the easiest way for Molly (not real name) was to permanently eliminate the rival.

Molly was able to fill in the assassins with her location using her status update on Whatsapp.

She had not posted anything yet for that day, but she always did. Kate posted everything on her whatsApp status an instagram. She had a big following on her social media platforms for the content she shared.

Her travel plans, her dates, work out routines, shopping, and her bedroom plans, literally her entire life was out there. Molly knew that she worked out at 6am and it would also be the best time to kill her, and that is how we lost Kate.

You can always share personal information once in a while however, stop sharing your vacation plans or travel photos on social media. Burglars love reading all about it.

Never tell the general public when you’re leaving town. Don’t post photos of your airline ticket, either. Wait until you’re home and safe to post photos from your latest vacation.

Inquisitive people are everywhere as well as people that don’t wish you well not to forget jealous people, and like they say, jealousy is the class you attend before you become a witch. In this case it is before you become a murderer.

Keep your personal life off social media.

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