Hon Zaake’s 40 Days of Deception Are Over


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It has always been said that a thief has 40 days. I want to believe that the 40 days for Hon. Francis Zaake are soon coming to an end as he cannot continue telling lies to Ugandans and fooling people about his nonexistent torture.

The Mityana municipality representative in parliament is on the verge of losing his Parliamentary commission seat because of deception and disrespect.

With over 200 legislators signing the petition for his withdrawal from the commission, Zaake stands a risk of losing his benefits.

Zaake continues to live a double or better still a faked life to portray Government negatively with torture allegations. I still can’t get over the fact that an injured man who walks on crutches could win in the 100m race (men), fortifying Uganda’s supremacy over its competitors.

Something we are grateful for by the way. The amazing part of this is that after the race he was later seen limping on his clutches. This was at the East African Inter -parliamentary games in 2021.

The opposition had alleged that Hon Zaake got a permanent leg injury at the hands of security forces. With these claims, he was sent abroad for expensive medical treatment at the expense of the tax payers’ money for treatment of the injuries that never existed.

Just when we thought this fellow could no longer hit any new lows in his mastery of trickery, dude had a new trick to up his sleeves.

Well, what started as a misguided or simply an act of pure indiscipline and poor upbringing has taken unexpected twists and turns.

Zaake took to his known Twitter and Facebook accounts and hurled insults and abuses at the respectable Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon Anita Among with all sorts of demeaning, degrading insults imaginable.

When his fellow colleagues including Hon Mapenduzi of Layibi Gulu District could not stand such disgust, disrespect, and unhonourable behavior from their own, he raised the matter in Parliament and a committee was instituted to investigate the matter.

Well Zaake being the Zaake that some of us have known for quite a well, came to the floor with his so-called learned friends and outright denied the said social media accounts even after he had previously admitted in the press that he had been the author and owner of the information that had been published.

I am confident that Uganda doesn’t deserve such a leader.  A country is only as good as its leaders and so is the district. I can only imagine the effects that Mityana will suffer because of having a leader who romps around with women, is busy forging information, and insults everyone instead of focusing on building his constituency.



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