Hon Tayebwa Strips NUP pants down over Politics of Nepotism and foul play


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Appearing on one of the TV stations in Uganda Member of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa pointed out the many issues in opposition and especially in NUP.

Hon Tayebwa during the interview stated that there are huge cases of nepotism in NUP while referring to the recent European Union incident.

“When the European Parliament asked NUP to go and present on the issue of torture, Bobiwine took his wife and brother with him,” said Hon. Tayebwa.

Honorable Tayebwa continued to state asking how Bobi Wine could leave a more qualified member like Mathias Mpuuga suggesting that he is being sidelined because he is not a family member of Kyagulanyi.

‘We have a Leader of Opposition and many capable leaders who would accompany him there. Like I said, I pity Mathias Mpuuga,’ sympathized Hon Tayebwa.

The Ruhinda North County representative continued to state that there is a big very big push in opposition where some members are being forced to be radical or risk being neglected or pushed out of the party.

‘There has been a very big push in the opposition, our brother Mathias Mpuuga and a few of his colleagues have been under pressure to be radical,’ said the NRM member of parliament.

This is not the first time Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) the party president of NUP has been accused of nepotism. There has been inside fighting amongst members of NUP due to some top members accusing Kyagulanyi of nepotism and corruption saying that he and his family are living a lavish lifestyle while the rest suffer to make ends meet.

A source close to NUP said that the party is divided because of the missing IGAD money which reportedly was used by the NUP former presidential candidate for personal reasons. There is also disagreement on the maintenance fee the Members of parliament from NUP have to pay which goes to the party president’s wife’s lavish lifestyle.

Hon. Mpuuga and Boiwine have also been at loggerheads on how to run the party as Mpuuga’s diplomatic manner is not appreciated by the party president who is in favor of violence and radicalism.

In the same interview, Hon. Tayebwa spoke about the recent torture accusations emphasizing that the government of Uganda does not approve or support this act.

‘On torture, we are very clear that we don’t approve of it. We know that any evidence obtained through torture is not admissible in court,’ said the honorable.

Hon. Thomas Tayebwa continued to say that Kakwenza should reduce drama and focus on justice. Kakwenza recently accused security officials of torture. However, the information that has been circulating in the media says it was all a ploy to go abroad and ‘kukuba kyeyo’ (as many Ugandans call it) with the help of international activists.

‘Let him (Kakwenza) open a file, and we shall investigate his torture and bring the people responsible to book. If you are in the hands of police and you are mistreated, they have a Professional Standards Unit. Go and report. The military also has such a set-up. What is wrong with reporting?’ inquired the legislator.

The rise of human right cases in uganda have heated a debate on who exactly is doing it since the president has several times pronounced himself against torture. However, Hon. Tayebwa has encouraged the victims to go through the right lawful channels to seek justice.



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