Gawaya Tegulle on a Money Making Spree Through Misleading Propaganda


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Tegulle is an agent of foreign influence who is paid to discredit the future of Uganda’s politics.

His articles, for instance; the one of Sunday 8th May 2022, “Election 2026 and enchanting tale of the weighing scale” in which he compares two people, one being from a poor family climbing the tree from the bottom and is clearly going up while another is from a rich family, climbing a tree from the top and is going down.

A Ugandan living in Uganda today can clearly understand that Tegulle is referring to Bobi Wine and Muhoozi Kainerugaba (Son to President Museveni). He being a lawyer and journalist is cleverly hiding behind the lines to avoid any responsibility for his negative propaganda.

He alluding that Bobi Wine is more loved than Muhoozi clearly shows that he is a propaganda machine for the Kamwokya based singer. Tegulle is paid in dollars for every article he writes by human rights organizations in the United States.

His dollar account in ABSA bank gets credited with a good amount of dollars every time he writes against the Government or Muhoozi. Of course, being a frustrated professional journalist, writing comes easy for him, this is no brainer. He uses his law firm Tegulle Gawaya and Co advocates to present himself as a human rights activist well knowing that is where the money is.

He is simply masquerading as being pro-Bobi Wine but this is just his way of simply earning “muwogo”.

The Tegulle that hosted talk shows on UBC cannot be the one to offer open support to Bobi Wine. His frustrations in life have turned him into a critic of President Museveni’s Government and now his son Muhoozi.

He has simply joined the long trail of Ugandans using the Bobi Wine name and human rights to earn big.


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