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FDC: “Wearing a Face Mask is a Sign of Fear and Cowardice.”

On Tuesday September 13th the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) political party posted on own official Facebook page a photo of President Yoweri K Museveni together with other world leaders attending Kenya’s fifth President inauguration ceremony.

President Museveni was among the few people who followed the standard operating procedures (SOPs) by wearing a face mask while in crowded places as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Constantly there is that one person who fears death more than the rest of humanity,” part of the post read.

To FDC, wearing a face mask is a sign of fear for death and cowardice. According to WHO, Covid19 killed 3,628 Ugandans and 6.5m worldwide and many are still dying, a fact they seem to have forgotten. The President was simply following guidelines that would help save lives while showing that a good leader should serve as an example to his/her subordinates.

The lack of political ideology and respect for peoples’ lives is clearly why for over 2 decades this particular political party has failed to garner Ugandans votes and trust.

Instead of advising government by providing alternative policies especially in the current economic hardships, they are busy on social media posting for likes and comments. It seems the opposition in Uganda have abandoned their role as Alternative government and have become Social media influencers.

It is below the expected standards for FDC, one of the leading opposition political parties in the Country to pay attention to petty things instead of discussing issues affecting Ugandans.

Surprisingly, for over two decades now instead of trading their manifesto to Ugandans in order to be voted into power, FDC has heavily invested in personal vendetta of only one man (President Museveni).

It is very disappointing how opposition politicians and political parties are using Social media platforms to express their hatred of some individuals in Government instead of using the same platforms to sensitize Ugandans about development.

This calls for massive mind set change not only for ordinary Ugandans but also for our so called leaders.

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