FDC Najjanakumbi outsmarts Katonga, Holds Delegates Conference


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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Najjanakumbi faction has outsmarted the Katonga faction by holding the National Delegates Conference at Lugogo on October 6, 2023, in spite of Katonga running to court to have it halted.

On October 4, 2023, Katonga went to court to have the conference halted, reasoning that it was illegal since only the chairman is authorised by law to call for a delegates conference.

However, the court dismissed the bid, arguing that the vice chairperson can also call for the Delegates Conference, which in this case he did.

According to Nandala Mafabi, Erias Lukwago had run to court to have bank accounts blocked; however, that move was not supported either, since the banks only recognise signatories from Najja.

“Lukwago ran to the bank to have accounts blocked, yet as Lukwago, he has never contributed a single coin to the FDC coffers,” said Nandala.

He noted that Lukwago claimed to be in possession of the land title of Najja, stating that it was false.

“I would like to assure you that I have the land title; no one should tell you otherwise, and whoever wants to get it and oust us from Najja should write their will first. Lukwago joined FDC in 2020; how can he be in possession of the land title?” said Nandala.

The electoral commission of Uganda equally advised the Katonga faction that the only way they can make legally abiding resolutions is if they ousted the team at Nanjjanakumbi, because it is the legally known location of FDC under its constitution.

However, some political analysts and lawyers have weighed in on Lukwago and questioned his seriousness on the matter as the legal advisor and handler of FDC Katonga.

According to Nicholas Opiyo, a lawyer and activist, the Katonga faction should not be running to court against Najjanakumbi; they should be seeking reconciliation since the other side is legally binding and it is Katonga that lacks the legal power to stop Najjanakumbi.

“Lukwago, being a lawyer, would have been in a better position to guide and advise his team. However, he seems to be deliberately failing to advise Katonga; they are making obvious mistakes over and over,” said Opiyo.

Norbert Mao, Democratic Party President, said that Lukwago is playing the game of cat and mouse with Katonga. The legal mistakes he is making are so obvious; they are a clear indication that his intentions for the team are far from what they expect.

“The witch that was confusing DP left, and once it joined FDC, the confusion started, and it is on its way headed for the National Unity Platform. After failing FDC, like it did with DP, no one should say I did not warn them of the witch,” Mao said.

According to some youth FDC supporters who are attending NEC at Lugogo, Najjanakumbi seems to be getting stronger and more focused, while Katonga is just using propaganda to control the Najja team.

Today, the FDC is holding its Delegates Conference in Lugogo, and NEC members are being elected.

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