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Families of the Murdered People by Bobi Wine and his Team Deserve Justice

The media is awash with a confession of a former police man by the names of Ronald Senyonga who narrates an ordeal that reveals shocking dirt and crimes that Bobi wine committed between 2010 and 2014.

In a video confession which was seen by the I watched back and forth, Ronald alleges that Bobi wine committed murders and police only aided him to cover up his wrong doing.

Referring to a particular incidence Ssenyonga narrates how Bobi wine stubbed a one Geofery Ssengooba. “…the show went on well but as Bobi Wine was leaving the stage after the performance, somebody hit him which prompted him to react in anguish, he picked a knife from a goat roasting stall and stabbed the young man,” the narration says in parts.

In the video Ssenyonga step by step tells of an ordeal that involved an attempt on his life in order to keep him shut of the “Rastas” (Bobi wine) murders and drug trafficking with the help of some Red cross staff and police.

These allegations are severe that they call for attention from human rights, the parliament and security organizations.

It is not outrightly correct for someone to come out with such revelations and they are not subject to investigation.

Some factions of the public are politicking over this video. Some claim that the video could be a fabric of the NRM government. However this is not good enough to leave such pressing issues making rounds on Social media and there is nothing done. We cannot wait for Ssenyonga to be killed  for investigations to start.

Bobi wine’s camp has been silent about the video. The police spokes person Enanga has also claimed not to have seen the video. One wonders why sensitive matters are taken lightly by the stakeholders.

As a normal citizen going about my businesses, I need to know that when I witness crime and come out to report, my life is safe and my story is given a hearing by the concerned parties.

In the video, the worried Ssenyonga has asked that if any one claims that his confessions are false, they should avail him a chance to go live one on one with Bobi wine.

He wonders how the Ghetto President can claim to be fighting for the rights of people yet he has in the real sense been at the forefront of crime in darkness.

We are in era of sentimental reporting by the media and social media reactions based on political affiliation, culture and orientation. However, some issues that come out from social media like this confession should be picked interest even by parliament. However, we risk scaring away all the whistle blowers.

The writer is a concerned Ugandan citizen from Nakawa


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