EXPOSED: How Dr. Kiyingi Murdered His Wife in Cold Blood


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Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi, aka Nathan Span, is a Ugandan cardiologist currently practicing in Merrylands, Australia, and is alleged to have murdered his wife Robinah in 2005 in cold blood.

In 2003, Dr. Kiyingi filed divorce proceedings in Uganda against his wife, Robinah Kiyingi. However, Robinah challenged the jurisdiction of the courts in Uganda in the matter and filed similar proceedings in the Australian Court because of the property the family had in Australia. This greatly angered Dr. Kiyingi, which compelled him to get rid of her.

The late Robinah Kiyingi

According to reports, Dr. Kiyingi wanted to kill his wife because their marriage had been on the rocks for over eight years and he wanted to remarry. In fact, he was already cohabiting with a young girl in Australia called Ida Nakubulwa.

Sources state that Dr. Kiyingi hired hit-men who later, on the evening of 11th July 2005, murdered Robinah Kiyingi in cold blood at around 8:40 p.m. at her home gate after spraying her car with bullets.

“Evidence against him was overwhelmingly mounting, which forced him to flee before he could completely cover his tracks. This compelled him to hire more hit-men to eliminate the key suspects in his wife’s gruesome murder,” a source stated.

A few months after Robina’s gruesome murder, Dr. Kiyingi took over the property of his late wife both in Australia and in Uganda, and to many, the way he transferred all these properties into his name after the death of his wife was a confirmation of his motive to murder his wife.

Investigations also revealed that Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi was also connected to the murder of Joan Kagezi, who was the Deputy Director of Public Prosecution at the time of her assassination in 2015.

The Late Joan Kagezi, former Deputy Director of Public Prosecution.

That evening, at around 7:15 p.m., barely after daylight drained away and dusk enveloped the skies, Kagezi was among scores trapped in the traffic gridlock on the Kiwatule-Najjera road on the way home.
She stopped at a roadside stall in Kiwatule, a Kampala suburb, to buy fruits. A few minutes after parking, assailants fired live bullets on her car, and she was pronounced dead immediately.

At the time of her murder, Kagezi was the key prosecutor on the ADF rebel case, which was already before court, and Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi had already been implicated in his involvement with the ADF suspects, who were murdering Muslim clerics in the country at the time.

Kagezi was a family friend and a very close friend to the late Robinah Kiyingi since their days at law school.

According to Racheal Kaggwa, a friend to both Joan and Robinah (both murdered in cold blood), Kagezi had evidence to prove Kiyingi orchestrated his wife’s murder.

Joan Kagezi shooting site

“A week before her murder, Joan had intimated to me about how she had all the evidence that could pin Dr. Kiyingi to the murder of Robinah and had already submitted the file to CID for perusal,” Kaggwa stated.

Stemming from Racheal’s statement, investigators concluded that Joan Kagezi was murdered to eliminate evidence of Kiyingi’s involvement with the ADF and his connection to his wife’s murder, which evidence Kagezi already had.

One of the suspects (Mukisa Paul) that was arrested in relation to the murder of Kagezi was a resident of Muyenga, where he was a tenant on one of Kiyingi’s properties.

Mukisa was later given bail, and he fled the country and is now staying in Australia, where Dr. Kiyingi lives. This has further strengthened proof of Β Kiyingi’s involvement in his wife’s murder.

Dr. Kiyingi is still at large in Australia, but friends and family of Robbinah, Kagezi, and the Muslim clerics killed pray that the day comes when he will face justice for all the crimes he committed.

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