EXPOSED: Facts Behind FDC Besigye’s Continuous Presidential Dream Debacles


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Lately, the former four-time presidential candidate, Col (Rtd.), Dr. Kizza Besigye, is all over social and mainstream media, seeking relevance and a political comeback.

After the Najjanankumbi and Katonga breakups, followed by the failure of the United Forces of Change, the veteran opposition politician embarked on countrywide consultative meetings aimed at forming a new political party.

His meetings were met with poor reception, mostly in Bugisu and the entire eastern region where the Najjanankumbi leaders come from.

Besigye’s decision to withdraw from active politics during the 2021 elections and the birth of the National Unity platform put an end to his political struggles.

Political pundits believe it will be hard for him to get political space again, whether with a new party or not.

Whereas his vision of removing the NRM regime remains, he has nothing new to bring to the table.

Pundits argue that Ugandans will remember his contribution to the struggle but won’t give him a chance to lead the opposition again.

The political landscape has been infiltrated by the new generation with new ideas and modus operandi, and Uganda may have a president under the age of 60 after President Museveni.

The generational gap comes with a shift in ideas and beliefs, and, likely, Besigye won’t be marketable anymore at 69 years of age.

Besigye is one of the historical figures of the NRM, but he sometimes forgets that he is part of what he calls the problem.

He was one of the youngest ministers and a top decision-maker who could not, by any chance, take credit and avoid being part of the strategic mistakes committed by the NRM if any.

The historical NRM cadre is responsible for all the mess in the Forum for Democratic Change party that has led to its collapse.

His selfish motive that collapsed the FDC party cannot allow any other opposition leader to unite with him, and at the same time, it is publicly known that all the infights have been due to finances.

Besigye is looking for relevancy and will come back to attract international funders so he can get financial independence again.

It is high time he realized that he has nothing new to offer and that he needs to retire honorably so that the young generation can always consult him where the need arises.

The political terrain has drastically changed and won’t favor him anymore. He will always be credited for his contribution to the struggle over the last 20 years.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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