Essential tricks to escape skyrocketing fuel price


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Globally people are struggling with the skyrocketing fuel prices, which had a tremendous effect from the Covid -19 pandemic.

To OPEC cutting their collective oil production by record levels, and coupled with the Russia-Ukraine war, the fuel price has steadily been increasing across the globe.

With this fact, what can we do as citizens and consumers of fuel to cope? Below are some of the technical tips for you to surviving the biting fuel price.

Car idling: Try to avoid idling your car unnecessarily once you can avoid. The amount of fuel used in idling for 30 sec wastes more fuel than restarting the engine. Idling also contributes to air pollution and impacts health and well-being in the community.

Drivers are advised to idle their cars only when, warming up the engine, warming up or cooling down the temperature of the vehicle cabin, loading or unloading a vehicle and training new hires

Aggressive driving: The high speed acceleration, unnecessarily overtaking, harsh braking, cornering and excessive lane changes consumes a lot of fuel. So avoid it if you can.

Adjust your route; Choosing the quickest route and smoother roads can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of the fleet while also reducing costs.

Check on your tire pressure always: Under-inflated tires can lower mileage. You can reduce fuel costs by monitoring tire pressure. Tire pressure is also affected by outside temperatures, so be sure to check frequently, especially when the weather fluctuates

Conduct regular car maintenance; always take your car for servicing to replace air filters, changing oil or fix any other problem of the car and make sure you use the manufacturer’s recommended grade of oil. This improves the gas mileage by 40%.

Match the right vehicle to the task: Choose a user friendly vehicle in terms of load. Choosing the right vehicle for the right task is critical to managing fuel. A good practice is to downsize to vehicles with smaller engines that consume fewer amounts of fuel.

Walk where possible; Let us encourage each other to pick up the habit of walking, if the distance is walk able and you can take up a walking partner if possible to save on fuel.

Shop around for best fuel prices; always move and check around for better fuel prices in different fueling stations. Dont buy at the first fuel station you see, you might come across a slightly cheaper station.

Use bicycles; Due to the increased cost of fuel one is advised to ride to work where possible.

A word of caution from Environmental Protection Agency

Drivers are advised to observe posted speed limits. [EPA] environmental protection agency estimates 10% t0 15% improvement in fuel economy by driving act 55mph instead of 65mph


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