Drug Stock Out At Koboko Hospital Is A Total Lie


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On 1st February 2022, the Daily Monitor published a story with claims that Koboko Hospital was completely out of stock.

The writer claimed that the Hospital is experiencing drug stock outs and leaving patients with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, TB and Diabetes stranded without medical attention.

The story raised concern among residents and people in the area who claim that this is a total lie.

Officials in the district did a follow up and according to the District Health Officer and Resident District Commissioner’s office, the hospital has been receiving medicine at least thrice a month and in the previous months, they received the two consignments.

Further confirmation on the story was made by the security investigations team in the district who confirmed that the Hospital received the second and third cycles of drugs on 26th January 2022 at Koboko Hospital.

The source said that all drugs are available at the hospital including the ARV drugs.

According to NMS, the Health officials also have funds sent to them directly by the Ministry under primary healthcare programs for emergency procurements. “There is no way the Hospital can be out of drugs in this particular time,’’ an NMS official said.

Daily Monitor has on many accounts published misleading articles before cross-checking the facts, misinforming the public. One wonders whether it is sponsored to ill publicize government.

On several occasions, facts have been misrepresented and because Daily Monitor is perceived as independent, it gets away with misleading the public.


However, the public ought must be on the watch and not fall a victim of this unending misinformation.

On 10th December 2021, the court ordered Monitor Publications to pay PS Bigirimana Shs450m in a defamation case. Judiciary Permanent Secretary Pius Bigirimana won a defamation case in civil court against Monitor Publications Limited (MPL), publishers of Daily Monitor, and its weekend editions.

On many occasions several other articles, Monitor writers have continuously misinformed people with writers who do not cross-check facts.

Not all information gets to be corrected and not all lies get to be mended. However whether corrected or not, damage caused by unserious journalists is costly.

The editors must be cautioned for not cross checking facts as they are main gate keepers to the right information.

The writer is a concerned citizen from Koboko District who receives TB treatment from Koboko Hospital



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