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Dr.Besigye’s drive to contest in 2026 splits FDC top leadership

The Forum for Democratic Change party top leadership has split over the current move by Col. (Rtd) Dr Kizza Besigye to strategically position himself as the most suitable party Presidential flag bearer (candidate) for 2026.

This has since caused showy political row among FDC senior leaders including the party President, Patrick Oboi Amuriat not being in support.

Sources within the FDC top organs revealed that Mr. Amuriat has since embarked on a clandestine drive to form another political party should the FDC founder, Dr Besigye insist to be the flag bearer come 2026.

“Our Party President Amuriat has not been a happy man ever since he took over as the Party President. This has made him think of forming his own party since he was not well received as the Party President. The same problems that compelled Gen. Mugisha Muntu to quit FDC has remained prominent,” The source revealed.

According to the source, Mr. Amuriat has never enjoyed any politically positive and supportive reception ever since he became the party President.

The source further revealed that, Amuriat’s trouble stemmed from the decisions by most party leaders who opted to remain loyal to Dr.Besigye and continued to live under his political shadow.

“I took over the leadership and thereafter some members felt uncomfortable with me being in the party, it’s unfortunate,” Disgruntled Amuriat said.

Recently, Amuriat while confiding in his political advisors within the opposition blamed Dr Besigye for being double faced, and unreliable leader whose support to popularize FDC under his leadership has remained shallow.

According to the source, Amuriat wondered why Besigye is prematurely marketing himself for 2026 presidential race.

“The same way Besigye frustrated Gen.Muntu, is the same way he is failing Amuriat. He is holding many consultative meetings at his home in Kasangati with the FDC women league,” An FDC aide said.

Mariam Kizito, a member of FDC women league said Besigye has in the recent months held various meetings with various party organs in preparation for his 2026 presidential race.

Gen.Muntu faced similar irreconcilable differences with the party, a move that forced him to form another political party.

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