Dr. Besigye Detained in Kenya for Questioning Over Alleged Involvement in Protests and Uganda House Fire


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Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye has been detained by local authorities in Kenya for questioning in relation to the ongoing protests that swept through the country as well as the devastating fire that gutted Uganda House in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenyan officials are intensively investigating the circumstances surrounding the targeting of Uganda House and Besigye’s apparent arrival in the country coinciding with the timing of the protests that gripped the nation.

Eyewitnesses at Jomo Kenyatta airport reported that Besigye was apprehended while attempting to depart from Nairobi. Authorities had received information suggesting his involvement in orchestrating Ugandan residents in Kenya to partake in the protests and ignite the fire at Uganda House.

One traveler, Willy Matovu, highlighted the meticulous approach of Kenyan investigators, indicating that Besigye and other Ugandans traveling with him were questioned about their interactions with Besigye before the protests, the purpose of Besigye’s visit during the tumultuous period, and his potential role in the incendiary incident at Uganda House.

“The Kenyan authorities are leaving no stone unturned; they have questioned Besigye and other Ugandans who were traveling with him and suspected to have participated in the protests about their meetings with him at his hotel room on the eve of the protests, what his business in Kenya was at the time of the protests, and his involvement in the burning of Uganda House,” said one of the eyewitnesses.

Besigye, who has openly and actively been tweeting about the Kenyan protests within Kenya itself, did not waste his visit and stay in the country; he has kept his X handle very active, with several tweets in connection with the protests, some praising the Kenyans and others demanding the accountability of the persons he claimed were abducted.

“Congratulations to Gen Z and all Kenyans for asserting their sovereignty! Finance Bill 2024 trashed; President orders reduction of his budget and that of the Executive; calls for other wide-ranging budget cuts; calls for dialogue with Gen Z and with the broad CSOs; all those abducted to be accounted for and released,” Besigye tweeted.

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