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Don’t trust your privacy and safety in the hands of a Boda- boda man

Beatrice, a Kampala house wife was betrayed by someone she trusted above all others.

“One day, I came back home from the market only to find my house empty. I decided to call the police and report the burglary,” Beatrice narrates.

Police and other security agencies did there due diligence and discovered who the crook that had robbed Beatrice was. It was none other than her most trusted Boda boda “guy.”

“I was in disbelief because Robert (Boda guy) was the most trustworthy man I knew. I trusted him with all my movements and dealings that he knew my schedule to the dot,” Beatrice said.

Due to knowing her schedule, Robert planned and executed the burglary knowing that Beatrice and her husband would not be home as he is the one that had transported them earlier.

The most efficient, flexible, available, honest boda guy, who knows your secrets or holds vital information about your private life could be your worst enemy.

These boda-boda guys run a lot of errands for us, which actually makes our lives easy and solve a lot of time problems. We have their numbers on speed dial, some are on call 24-7.

The Boda-Boda guys literally handle dropping and picking of our beloved precious angels, doing shopping, sometimes banking for us money, picking up quick meals from our favorite restaurants, picking and dropping us at work, delivering parcels to our friends’ homes or work places, picking us from our hang-outs in the wee hours of the night, sometimes in a very drunken state and drop us back to our residential places.

But before we expose ourselves to these seemingly unsuspecting threats, have we ever stopped to think about how dangerous they can be if provoked or coaxed by an enemy to eliminate you, or hurt any of your dear ones?

Yes, they make our lives easy, they are a necessary evil, however safety first.  Pay mind to how much we let them in on, if you can do some errands by yourself please do, let’s stop being so dependent on an open threat.

If your schedule is tight and you have to rely on one, encourage him to register with the City Authority so that all their details are captured in-case anything unprecedented happens.

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