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Do Not Sacrifice Your Children For Any Politician or Struggle

Many people have been left shocked after news circulated that presidential candidate Bobi Wine had in the dead of night smuggled his family out of the country ahead of the general elections next week. The most surprising thing is that Bobi Wine has been encouraged young people to come on the resist and fight against the government to force change.

Now the same person is taking his children to the safety of a foreign country just before he breaks all hell loose on the streets of Uganda. Politicians have always been selfish but what Bobi Wine has done has left many skeptics shell shocked over his intentions.

The timing for this decision is very troubling and questionable. What hurts more though is that he has encouraged others to sacrifice their children while putting his away.

His defenders have tried to justify his decision by saying that Museveni also took his children and family to exile while fighting the Obotte government. Uganda was clearly at war at the time and many people had been exiled due to the political situation at the time.

Others have pointed out that Museveni used child soldiers while fighting in Luweero. This reasoning clearly ignores the fact that all these child soldiers had been rescued after their parents had been killed by the army at the time.

Others point to the fact that Museveni’s children like Muhoozi were always safe away from the politics of the country. But since then, Muhoozi has joined the army and engaged in many dangerous missions.

In the end, its upon Ugandans to decide whether they sacrifice their children for this selfish leader or restrain and protect them to have a successful future like he and his family have had.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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