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DAY 1: Ugandans boycott ‘stay at home’ protest by NUP, Bobi Wine

In the past week, social media has been awash with messages mobilizing Ugandans to boycott work and stay at home for three days in a bid to protest the escalating cost of commodities in the country.

This is the latest protest staged by the National Unity Platform party headed by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

The protest that was slated to start on Monday and last for three days until July, 27th received a cold reception from all parts of the country.

A quick survey around the city indicates that Ugandans have remained at work with businesses operating including those owned by the same opposition leaders behind the stay home protest.

Our reporter visited about 10 petrol stations owned by the FDC Dr Kizza Besigye along Entebbe, Bombo and Mityana roads and found it operational.

He also visited about two city malls and four hotels owned by NUP leader, Robert Kyagulanyi in various locations within the city and found it operating to full capacity.

At one love beach, Busabala which is also owned by Bobi Wine, businesses have remained booming with clients enjoying their normal leisure and no staff has missed work today.

One love beach-Busabala

“Imagine NUP telling us to stay home without going for work, who will feed my children, who will pay for their school fees, what will I tell my landlord?” These are the questions asked by Roselyn Muwanga, a wholesale shop operator at Arua Park in Kampala.

Juma Ssempebwa, a boda operator in Makindye said staying at home for three days during the protest is suicidal since he is required to make daily payment for his bike.

Ssempebwa asked NUP leaders to offer alternative policies to government that can sustainably rescue Ugandans from the biting price of commodities.

Alex Sekitoleko, another wholesale operator around Kibuye described the protest as a ploy to appeal to their western funders to release funding yet Ugandans are suffering.

He wondered why Bobi Wine has failed to dialogue with government like DP Mao to realize political harmony in Uganda adding that recently the same Kyagulanyi bought a 10b Ugx house in Germany.

Habib Abdul, a factory manager along Nasser road says Bobi wine usually cause confusion and protest in Uganda to appease his funders for money.

“Imagine Bobi Wine’s beach making more than 10M a day. I wonder why his business has remained operational and yet he is mobilizing others to close their businesses and join the protest?” Habib asked.

Police has also conducted strategic deployment to avert any possible protest by the group within the City.

President Yoweri Museveni recently urged Ugandans to engage in massive productions and maintained government commitment to stabilizing the economy.

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