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Dairy Development Authority Assures the Public of Milk and Milk Products Safety

The Dairy Development Authority (DDA) Executive Director Dr. Kansiime Michael, has today, July 27, 2022 responded to claims of unsafe milk on the Uganda market due to inadequate existing sector supervision.

The response follows the video interview that was aired on one of the national television broadcaster on, July 20 2022 where an interviewee claimed that some milk on the Ugandan market is unsafe and that the existing dairy sector supervision is inadequate.

According to the press release by the DDA, the daily sector has grown exponentially over the years and its products continue to gain increased demand and consumption within and beyond Ugandan borders.

The press release indicates an increase in the milk production to 2.8 billion liters in the last four years, that shows 80.2% (2,245,600,000L) of milk produced is marketed, 19.8% (554,400,000L) consumed at the farm and 66% of the marketed milk is sold unprocessed (1,482,096,000L) of which 10% (1,333,886,400L) is sold door to door (homes) and 56% (1,333,886,400L) is sold at sales outlets.

34% of the marketed milk is processed (763,504,400L) into various milk and milk products including pasteurized milk, yogurt, UHT milk, cream, ice cream butter, ghee, cheese, milk powder, casein, whey powder and butter oil.

The Executive Director, Dr. Kansiime Michael noted a tremendous improvement in milk collection and bulking with a number of players such as government, diary cooperatives, traders, processors and private individuals continuously investing in cold chain infrastructure.

Cold chain infrastructure ensures that the milk is kept at an optimum temperature that enables it retain its nutritional and palatable qualities.

The authority currently has 198 registered roadworthy milk tankers of different capacities mainly 5000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 liters operating countrywide.

These operates at farm level, milk handling containers from the farms including food grade milk cans.

It has 160 licensed entities processing milk and milk products including Large, Medium, small scale and cottages.

In the recent reports, milk adulteration remains a challenge facing the dairy industry.

Farmers reportedly add water and maize flour among others in a bid to increase the quantity of milk and fetch higher prices. Water is added to the milk from the process of milking to the time of selling.

However, the authority noted that milk adulteration lowers its quality and at times the milk goes bad before reaching the final consumer.

Different control measures have been put into place to ensure quality and safety of milk and milk products in Uganda, like registration of diary businesses, inspection of milk handling premises, conducting frequent analysis and on-spot testing of milk and milk products to ensure they are fit for human consumption.

Milk surveillance that is done to verify the quality and safety of milk sold in raw milk sales outlets as well as milk collection and bulking centers and adulterated or contaminated milk is easily identified and action taken immediately.

The executive director assured the public through the statement on the strength, stability and safety of the dairy industry that is attributed to stakeholders who have invested heavily at various levels in the diary chain and exports of various products to countries that have stringent quality and safety control measures where Uganda’s dairy products have consistently met international standards.

“Uganda’s dairy industry regulatory framework is strong, stable, and safe,” assured Dr. Kansiime Michael in a statement.

He however, encouraged the general public to always buy and consume milk from licensed facilities and called upon all dairy farmers to continue to observe good farming practices.

Dairy Development Authority (DDA) is a semi-autonomous agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF). It was established by an Act of Parliament, the Dairy Industry Act, 1998 to develop and regulate the dairy industry in Uganda.

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