Community Patrol Captures Thieves in Buikwe; Leaders Call for Increased Vigilance


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Henry Ssekitoleko, the Speaker of Ngogwe Sub County in Buikwe district, has urged the locals and local leaders in other districts to practice community-oriented policing as a means to curb insecurity in their respected districts.

According to Ssekitoleko, community-oriented policing by the locals in Lubongo village in Buikwe district has helped them curb the insecurity in the area, especially robberies and burglaries.

Ssekitoleko made these remarks during an interview on June 11, 2024, after locals in Lubongo village in Buikwe district were able to catch thieves stealing electric wires from the electric poles in their village at around 3 a.m. on June 11, 2024, in Lubongo village in Ngogwe Sub County, Buikwe district.

He added that the locals had put up a small group of people to protect the village and also put a stop to the increased theft of electric wires in their village, and this was possible through community-oriented policing.

“These three thieves came in a Subaru Forester under number plate UAY 205T and were seen by one of the locals in this security group called Joseph Kasasa, who notified his colleagues when he saw them climb the electric poles. Then they started cutting and removing the wires from the electric poles,” Sekitoleko revealed.

He added that the thieves were caught, but due to too much chaos, they managed to fight off Kasasa’s security group.

“However, the car with the stolen electric wires was left behind and burned by the locals,” he added.

Ssekitoleko stated that some of the thieves, identified by the locals, are former convicts who are out on bail.

“The locals have identified some of these thieves, and one of them was dentified as Kenneth Mugadya, who was recently in prison but was released on bail, and now he has started doing what he was arrested for despite still having charges against him,” Ssekitoleko stated.

He further urged everyone to practice community-oriented policing because it is one of the vital keys to putting a stop to insecurity in communities.

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