Col. Katabazi Urges Parents to Prioritize Quality Education Over Grades to Break Free from Colonialist Mindset


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Col. Emmy Katabazi, the Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) has called for a shift in the education system urging parents to prioritize quality education over grades.

He emphasized that the focus should be on empowering students with knowledge that liberates them from the colonialist mindset rather than conforming to the outdated system designed to promote foreign enslavement.

“Give students the kind of education that is for national liberation, not enslavement,” said Col. Katabazi.

The intelligence chief made these remarks today, June 22, 2024, during a fundraising ceremony at Blessed Parents’ Vocational Secondary School in Kebisoni sub-county, Rukungiri District, where he was representing the Chief Guest, Minister for Security, Maj Gen (Rtd) Jim Muhwezi.

Highlighting the significance of practical teaching approaches that creativity and critical thinking Col. Katabazi encourages educators to involve students in hands-on activities problem-solving exercises and collaborative projects that inspire them to think and nurture their own ideas.

By shifting the emphasis from mere cramming to application students can be better prepared to tackle the complexities of the modern world and break free from the colonial-era mindset.

“Today, teachers are still telling students just like the colonialists, that we can only get cash from a few cash crops in Uganda, such as cotton, coffee, tobacco, and tea. Yet we can get cash from hundreds of other crops, such as Irish, potatoes, and Vegetables, among others. The same teachers are teaching about how to control soil erosion, yet there is the same soil erosion in the school compound,” said Col. Katabazi.

In that regard, Col Katabazi praised Mr. Kyomukama Geofrey, the owner of Blessed Parents SS and also the chairman LCV of Rukungiri, for modifying the school curriculum, which is somewhat different from that of other schools. Apart from the regular curriculum, the school’s approach includes teaching students practical skills like computer skills and driving lessons, among others.

Hinting at the role of intelligence in his region, he mentioned that they aim to counteract the influence of Western ideologies stemming from colonial education.

“ISO has actively worked towards fostering a mindset shift to prepare the upcoming generation. This is why they have been training GISOs, DISOs, and various district officials nationwide to educate people on efficiently utilising, monitoring, and implementing the Parish Development Model (PDM),” Col. Katabazi stated.

Col. Katabazi also conveyed a message from the chief guest, offering UGX 10 million from the Chief guest and his own contribution of UGX 5 million.

Additionally, he donated a brick-making machine to the school to aid in constructing more buildings and to provide hands-on training to students in creating modern construction materials.

Various religious and political figures from the district attended the fundraiser, such as retired Bishop Tugume Tusingwiire, the District Internal Security Officer (DISO), the District CAO, the RDC, and other officials from the district.

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