Col Katabazi Urges Student Leaders to Make a Lasting Impact and Leave a Legacy in their Leadership Tenure


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The  Deputy Director General of the Internal Security Organization (ISO), Col Emmy Katabazi has emphasized the importance of student leaders making a significant impact and leaving a lastinglegacy during their tenure.

He made these remarks on July 6, 2024, while addressing student leaders at a handover ceremony at Mbogo College School in Kawempe where he was the chief guest.  The outgoing student leaders at the school were handing over office to the newly elected leaders.

Col Katabazi, once a student leader himself at Makerere University where he initiated the first constitution of the Uganda National Students Association (UNSA), shared insightful thoughts with the incoming student leaders. He stressed the significance of not merely passing through school as shadows but leaving a memorable mark behind.

“As student leaders, you must not pass through school as shadows, you must leave a mark. When I was at university, I came up with the first constitution of the Uganda National Students Association (UNSA),” said Col Katabazi.

In his address, Col Katabazi encouraged the incoming student leaders on the vital role of ideological training which requires continuous learning, unlearning, and challenging existing beliefs imposed by neocolonial influences.

He also warned against complacency, reminding students that leadership transcends school life and shapes their capacity to impact society positively.

“If you’re a useless leader now, in the future you will not be any better because outside school, there’s a real theater of the world,” said Col Katabazi.

Reflecting on the core purpose of UNSA, Col Katabazi emphasized its role in nurturing leaders who possess not only the responsibility of leading but also the vision to liberate Uganda from the remnants of colonialism.

Col Emmy Katabazi addressing student leaders at Mbogo College School in Kawempe

The outgoing Head Prefect commended the incoming leaders for their willingness to undertake the challenges that accompany leadership roles and encouraged them to uphold the responsibilities with integrity and commitment. The student body thanked the departing leadership for their mentorship and unwavering support throughout their term.

Head Teacher Sentamu Abdul-noor took a trip down memory lane, acknowledging the consistency and dedication exhibited by the outgoing leaders from the beginning to the end of their tenure. He advised the incoming student leaders to cultivate seriousness, mindful interactions, and strategic networking for their growth and impact.

“There’s a tendency of being very vibrant at the start but not till the end. I’d like to thank the outgoing leadership which has been very vibrant till the end,” said the Headteacher.

The ceremony was also attended by student leaders from neighboring institutions such as Kawempe Muslim Senior Secondary School, Mbogo High School, and Makerere College, among others.

Col Katabazi, recognized for his role in youth mobilization and as the founding figure of UNSA, has been a guiding force in shaping future leaders and continues to be actively engaged in student leader organizations.

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