Coffee: An Outstanding Cash Crop in Bugisu Region


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There’s no doubt that one of the most beloved beverages available to us is coffee.

Eastern Uganda (the Bugisu region) is well endowed with a good climate, and with its volcanic soils rich in mineral content that need no fertilizers and its cold weather, it does not offer favorable conditions for pests to survive, but it gives the best conditions for Arabic coffee that is highly organic.

This coffee is grown in the highland areas around the slopes of Mount Elgon.

According to some farmers, their coffee is one of the best in Uganda, and once picked and dried in fine conditions and environment, its aroma is extremely delicious and appealing.

According to Ceasar Odongo, a coffee marketer with SASA coffee (Elgon Blend), some have likened the welcoming mood of the gishu to their intake of lots of Arabic coffee.

Odongo shares that the quality of coffee beans can be determined as follows:

It can be determined by its color.

Unroasted coffee beans, also known as green coffee beans, are somewhat pale, yellowish beige with a hint of green.

Unroasted coffee beans that have black or dark brown spots are most likely damaged and would result in a low-quality roast and brew.

However, according to Odongo, aside from more technical criteria, you can also determine the quality of coffee beans from their aroma, taste, and freshness, a method they employ and encourage their customers to use each time they have a taste of their Elgon blend.

When to enjoy coffee?

According to Odongo, many people enjoy coffee in the morning, while others need coffee to function, get up, and jump about on daily tasks.

Coffee gives people the “buzz” they need because it contains caffeine, which stimulates the brain and creates the sensation of alertness.

He further revealed that studies indicate coffee can actually provide health benefits, that drinking a lot of it helps lower diabetes and provides protection against Parkinson’s disease.

“Elgon Blend coffee that is picked and processed with care is good to enjoy as a cultural and experiential activity,” said Odongo.

While touring the Bugisu region, do not miss out on the freshly brewed coffee, Elgon Blend, which can be enjoyed any time of the day with a cake, cookie, or any snack of your choice.

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