Climate Change: UPDF forms Taskforce to Develop Environmental Security Strategy


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The Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MODVA)/the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) have launched a task force to develop a comprehensive Climate Change and Environmental Security Strategy which aims at  addressing the challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation in the context of national security.

The launch took place on Monday 24th June 2024, at MODVA Headquarters in Mbuya.The Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Rosette Byengoma, inaugurated the Taskforce.

During the launch Rosette Byengoma the Permanent Secretary emphasized that the climate change situation poses a serious threat to both national and international security, necessitating a planned and comprehensive response to lessen its effects and avert catastrophic outcomes.

Byengoma noted that climate change has far-reaching consequences, impacting vast areas and populations globally through extreme temperature fluctuations, rising water levels, and unpredictable weather patterns, posing significant threats to critical infrastructure and human resources.

She said that as a result of dramatic temperature swings, rising sea levels, and unpredictable weather patterns, climate change has far-reaching effects on large regions and communities worldwide. Critical infrastructure and human resources are particularly at risk.

“This demonstrates the MoDVA/UPDF’s dedication to protecting the environment and guaranteeing the defense forces’ readiness by acknowledging the inextricable link between the effects of climate change and worries about international security,” Byengoma said.

According to Brig Gen David Gonyi, the Chief of Staff of UPDF Air Force, the task force has been tasked with developing a comprehensive strategy that complies with international, regional, and national regulatory frameworks, including the Climate Change Act (2021), the Public Finance Management Act (2015), and the National Environment Management Authority Act (2019). These frameworks mandate Ministries, Departments, and Agencies to implement climate change mitigation and adaptation measures within their operations.

The Ministry of Water and Environment will offer technical support during the strategy’s development. The stakeholder consultation process aims to ensure inclusivity and participation.

In attendance were Maj Gen Jack Bakasumba, Chief Joint Staff; Mrs. Edith Buturo, MODVA Under Secretary for Finance and Administration; Generals; Senior Officers; and Officials of the MODVA

Climate change is a global threat with scientific anticipation of severe consequences ranging from food insecurity, water scarcity and droughts, low and extreme sea levels, floods and possible pandemics if no desperate efforts are made by nations globally.



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