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Church Of Uganda Delivers Relief Food to Kotido District

Church of Uganda (COU) through the Directorate of Community Development, in partnership with the Government of Uganda on Tuesday 20th September delivered food relief to 300 locals of Lokwakial Sub-County in Kotido District.

Officials from COU handed over 25kg of maize flour and 8kg of beans to each of the 300 beneficiaries at Logumatum in Oyapuwa village.

Local council leaders in Lokwakial said that expectant mothers were also given silver fish in addition to maize flour and beans.

An official reported that a total of 500 people were affected by hunger in the area, but 300 people were considered including the expectant mothers.

According to reports, some of the local leaders wanted to take advantage of the remaining food meant to cater for at least 90 other people by taking it to their relatives and families.

However, the officials in charge of food distribution refused and instead opted to return it back to their offices for safe keeping and later distribution.

The local leaders appealed to other agencies and well-wishers to render more assistance to the community.    

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