Buganda Kingdom Officials Displeased with NUP Supporters’ Harassment of Ailing Kabaka


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Buganda Kingdom has expressed its dissatisfaction with the way the National Unity Platform (NUP) leadership and its supporters have made it their business to keep disrupting Kabaka’s peace while at the Okonguarri Psychotherapeutic Centre in Nambia, where he is taking time off to build up his strength at the advice of his doctors from Germany.

According to Kingdom officials, ever since the news about the Kabaka’s whereabouts was disclosed by Edris Kiggundu, a staunch supporter of the NUP, who proudly mentions that they were the ones who disclosed the Kabaka’s location, the Kabaka has not had a moment’s rest since the disclosure, and people have bombarded him with endless calls interfering with his rest time.

“This disturbance has made the Kabaka not have a stress-free rest, which he wanted away from the glaring cameras and mounting accusations of the Katikiro being behind the sickness and disappearance of the Kabaka from his subjects, a narrative that is being pushed by the NUP, and it has forced us to rethink shifting the Kabaka to another quiet location as advised by his doctors,” sources from the kingdom revealed.

The Kingdom officials went ahead to say that most of these NUP supporters have made it a habit to attack and demonize the kingdom and Kabaka, questioning why the Kabaka was taken to Nambia for treatment. However, according to Kingdom officials, it was the doctors in Germany who recommended Nambia psychotherapeutic center in Okanguarri since it is owned by a German psychologist, Herman Raath, and not so far away from Uganda.

“Unfortunately, our young brothers in the NUP have not accorded Kabaka his privacy; they have continuously harassed Katikiro over Kabaka’s whereabouts to the point of disclosing his whereabouts, forcing the kingdom to plan and move him to another undisclosed facility in another country,” the officials added.

Jimmy Sentongo, a renowned cartoonist, urged people to let the Kabaka rest and heal, referring to those revealing the Kabaka’s location as inhumane and unethical, wondering if they were sick themselves, would they want people to disturb them, or were they trying to take off time and recover.

“He is a Kabaka, but first, he is a human being like you and me; some empathy, please, Edris,” Spire tweeted.

Political experts believe the NUP’s continuous attacks on the Katikiro, Kabaka, and Kingdom of Buganda are misplaced; they expected the kingdom to side with them politically, but when the kingdom did not, they chose to turn their guns on the Kabaka and Katikiro, whom they have on various occasions attacked, and most recently, Katikiro’s request that they reconcile with Mathias Mpuuga instead of abusing and firing him from the party.

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