Gov’t issues new COVID-19 guidelines; latest update regarding attacks on security


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On Friday, December 2, 2022, during a televised address to the nation on health and security matters in the country, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni issued a new set of COVID-19 and security update regarding attacks on security.

The President ordered the use of COVID-19 vaccination certificates to attend public meetings, gain access to public and private offices, and use public transport.

As guided by the COVID-19 National Task Force, the president said the recommendations are to avoid a resurgence and flare-up of infections and should be adopted for implementation with immediate effect.

“A certificate of vaccination with evidence of up-to-date boosters is a requirement for entry into meetings and public places. Where there is no up-to-date vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test within 24 hours is required,” the president directed.

On wearing masks, the president maintained that use of masks is recommended for all individuals in enclosed places and public gatherings, adding that the elderly (50 years of age and older) and those living with comorbidities are encouraged to get vaccinated and boosted at least every six months.

In the new guidelines, individuals with symptoms of the coronavirus should not go to closed or crowded places, and handshakes and hugging remain prohibited.

He further directed that all eligible Ugandans should get vaccinated and boosted at least every six months.

The president also directed the Ministry of Health to re-launch the vaccination exercise and ensure more people are vaccinated, especially the elderly, those with comorbidities, and children aged 12 to 17 years.

He added that, to date, 59% of the population aged 18 and above have received at least 2 doses of the vaccine, while only 6% of the children aged 12 to 17 have received 2 doses of the vaccine.

“This coverage is below our target of 28.5 million eligible Ugandans (22 million adults and 6.5 million children) who are up-to-date with their vaccination against COVID-19,” Museveni added.

On the recent attacks on security, the president commended the security forces for maintaining vigilance against the attackers.

NUP Denis Ssekimpi who was killed during an attack on security in Kapeeka last week.

“I can assure you that the attacks on police personnel are empty-headed plans that involve criminals, and some of them may be linked to ADF trying to steal money and guns for crime, but they are easy to deal with,” the president said.

He added that 24 suspects were arrested following the November 26 attack in Kapeeka, where two criminals were killed and one gun was recovered.


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