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Boo/Boyo, a mouth-watering vegetable delicacy in Northern Uganda

Boyo or Boo dish as it is called in both Lango and Acholi dialects is the most popular traditional delicacy in northern Uganda. This dish is prepared with lots of love which leaves you leaking your fingers.  

This delicious dish leaves you wanting more because of the aroma that it gives and the smoothness that you feel as it goes down your throat.

Boo dish has become very popular in Uganda and now is eaten by very many different tribes in different regions.  

Boo dish is eaten both locally, foreigners and on special events like weddings, traditional marriages among others. In Lango it’s called Boyo/Bojo, in Acholi its called Boo, Bantu dialect calls it Gobbe. It can be pasted with simsim, fried or eaten boiled.

How to cook boo sauceRemove the leaves from boo or cowpea plant then wash them with water to remove all the soil. Wash also the okra leaves very well too. Dry the leaves under the sun for 30-40 minutes, making it easier to remove any more soil.

In situations where there is no sunlight put them on a rack so that the water dries out and gently hit the leaves to remove any more soil. Chop the boo leaves into small sized pieces.Chop the okra leaves and tomatoes as well. 

Put the water in the saucepan on the stove then add the rock salt and bring to a boil. After the water has boiled, add the chopped boo leaves and the okra leaves to the boiling water and cook for about 15 minutes.  

Check the pot frequently as you look for a change in the colour of the sauce. It should take on a yellowish colour that will be an indicator that you rock salt is the right amount.  After the colour is achieved add tomatoes to the sauce and let it cook till it disappears into the sauce.       

In case the water is too much, reduce it then add ground sim-       sim paste bit by bit as you keep stirring. Reduce the heat then add salt and allow the sauce to simmer until it develops a thick texture. After that the sauce is ready for serving. 

This delicious dish can be served with a various foods; kalo, sweet potatoes, posho, boiled cassava, matooke. 

Boo sauce can also be prepared in many different ways; you can prepare it using eggs, you can also dry the boo leaves and cook it with silver fish, smoked fish, smoked meat.

All these different ways give you a remarkable dish with a healthy and delicious taste. 

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