Body of NUP Legal Head Stuck in USA, Family Seeks Help from President Museveni


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The body of the late Anthony Wameli, the former Diaspora legal head for the National Unity Platform Party, has remained stuck in the United States for weeks after he passed on.

His family has now turned to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for assistance in bringing his body back to Uganda for a proper burial after NUP leadership and Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, refusing to support their request.

A source within NUP revealed that after his sudden death on February 8, 2023, NUP’s top leadership was notified and asked to initiate the processes to have his body returned, but unfortunately, they were ignored.

The family says they need about two hundred million shillings to have the body of their son returned to Uganda.

According to the source, late Wameli’s family’s hopes were dashed when the NUP leadership refused to fund the necessary financial requirements to return the body and provide a proper burial as promised at the vigil.

This left the family members very bitter with the party leadership for making empty promises, especially to such a critical member of the party. This has also left them stranded with the body of their beloved one in the United States of America,” said Julius Katerega, a NUP mobilizer in the US.

Recently, Kyagulanyi, while speaking to a local TV station, urged well-wishers and party supporters, especially those in the diaspora, to contribute money to finance the repatriation of Wameli’s body back to Uganda.

“We have engaged them (NUP) several times, but they haven’t helped much; they only promised that they would put up a fundraising campaign. At this point, we don’t need any more promises. We are tired; we only need to see the body of our beloved one in Uganda,” said a close family member.

According to Katerega, this has prompted the late Wameli’s family to appeal to the public for funds in order to bring the late’s body back.

This has raised several questions among the public, who wonder why the NUP leadership can afford to live in luxury, go out partying, buy houses abroad, and buy brand new customized bulletproof cars, but cannot afford to sacrifice and repatriate the body of their fallen colleague.

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