Bobi Wine’s silence on Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana Bail Release Tips his Hand


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On 13th Feb 2023, Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana were released on bail after 14 months in detention where they had been remanded on four counts, three of murder and one of attempted murder.

The release of the two sparked jubilations, from their supporters, family and well wishers across their constituencies but NUP leadership which has remained silent on the matter.

According to sources, the silence ,  especially from the Principal is due to his alleged role in the arrest of the two legislators. Sources allege that Bobi wine was the one who snitched on the MPs, leading to their arrest.

According to Francis Wasswa, driver to Ssegirinya, Bobi wine leaked some information to the police secretly, which lead to the arrest of the two MPs.

“Everyone is surprised as to why Bobi wine has not spoken or tweeted about the release of these MPs, but how can he, when he was the brain behind their arrest,” said Wasswa.

He further revealed that Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana are aware of this fact, that while in prison they were informed about Bobi wine’s participation in their arrests and long stay in prison.

“He sacrificed them for political gain and funds from donors, he has been getting money from funders claiming he is fighting for their freedom and supporting his families, yet they never received any money,” said Wasswa.

However, according to Faustino Nalubega Makindye councilor  , the release of the two MPs is going to cause more chaos and divisions in the party, since they have learnt that some people wanted the MP’s in prison, while others wanted them out.

“We can already see a fraction of NUP supporters accusing Mpuuga for negotiating the release of these MPs, and Bobi Wine’s silence on the issue is worrying too,” said Nalubega.

Aiden Kaliisa, a very staunch supporter of Bobi wine, tweeted accusing the negotiators who got the duo out of jail instead of celebrating their release tipping Bobi Wine’s hand.

Nalubega further revealed that  Bobi wine’s social media silence has everyone dumbfounded due to the fact that he tweets about each and everything. 

“It speaks volumes for Bobi wine who tweets about everything to not afford a single tweet, welcoming his MPs back from prison. We suspected that he had a hand in their arrest but his behavior just confirmed it,” Nalubega said. 

However, many have been left to wonder, that could it be the manner in which their release was granted that had nothing to do with Kyagulanyi which left him feeling sidelined and out of pride has distanced himself from the MPs or it is indeed true that he was the reason they were behind bars in the first place?

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