Bobi Wine’s Idol Julius Malema Calls Him Out to Fight for Gay Rights


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South Africa’s opposition leader Julius Malema on Tuesday led a picket against Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill outside the Ugandan Embassy in South Africacalling out gay lenient opposition leaders in Uganda and Africa at large to stop hiding and stand up for gay rights.

Malema pointed out his close friend and ally, the National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobbi Wine to be bold enough and stop hiding his already popular stand for the promotion of homosexuality in Uganda. 

“My brother you should not keep your arms to your chest as those who supported you (the gay community) are suffering in your country. The time is now or never. My young brother Bobi Wine, the time is now or never,” said the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema.

The two long term friends have met on several occasions in different Gay community-based conferences overseas. At one time, NUP’s Bobi Wine told the media that he drew his boldness and adopting the “red party color & beret” from his south African idol the Julius Malema

Since the inception of the famous gay bill in Uganda, it has become a ‘public secret’ about NUP’s strong support for promoting gay rights in Uganda

However, critics have come out to banish this kind of move by the controversial South African politician for promoting “western slave mentality” and their cultural values. 

All along, I thought this hypocrite was fighting for Africa and African values. I’m gradually learning that most of those masquerading as African freedom fighters are puppets of the Western countries. Shame on you Julius MalemaUgandans are not interested in homosexuality,” said Kwikiriza Gideon

Mr. Julius Malema, I think your role is to lead opposition fraternity of South Africa not Uganda’s opposition. Do not make opposition look like they do not have a focus. Be in opposition to become the next government not doing NGO and Civil Society roles of advocating for nothing,” said the Isaac Niinga on Twitter. 

The debate among the NUP supporters and Ugandans at large continues as the National Unity Platform party and its leaders have continued to remain silent about the fight against homosexuality in Uganda. Some party leaders when quizzed about the topic, have deliberately remained elusive and vague in regards to their stand against the vice. 

Reports also indicate that the red camp in Uganda has continued to remain silent about the topic of homosexuality in Uganda with hipping allegations of them receiving huge funds and donations from gay communities across the world.

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