Bobi Wine used Boston Concert to explain ADF terrorists, NUP alliance


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“We want the entire world to know that we are capable of fighting Museveni with guns and we can get the money to buy those guns. All we need is to be provoked into violence,” revealed NUP leader, Robert Kyagulanyi while in Boston last weekend.

This is the latest statement released by Kyagulanyi in regards to his attempt to overthrow the Kampala government.

About a month ago, Kyagulanyi, during the Duwa prayers of the late Hajji Muhhamoud Mirundi, the father of Mayor Lukwago, questioned why the Ugandan government has continued to detain former ADF terrorist leader, Jamil Mukulu.

Bobi Wine later described Jamil as a political prisoner who must be released immediately. His statement sparked mixed reactions from across all political divides, with the majority demanding an apology.

Just a few days ago, while in Boston, Kyagulanyi made the same assertion and blamed the government of Uganda for detaining and prosecuting ADF Jamil Mukulu.

Kyagulanyi further claimed ADF Jamil Mukulu is in prison for political reasons, not terrorism.

“His lawyer, Anthony Wameli, told me that Jamil Mukulu told him that he is not a terrorist and he is in prison for political reasons. I wonder why he is in prison,” said Bobi Wine.

It should also be recalled that Jamil Mukulu is on record as having at one point, while in court, sent his lawyers and mother to engage with NUP Kyagulanyi closely about his case.

Kyagulanyi’s recent remarks about ADF Mukulu’s being in prison have raised numerous questions. Many have wondered why Bobi Wine is instead sympathizing with ADF Mukulu than two NUP MPs, Ssegirinya and Sewanyana, who are equally in detention battling criminal prosecution.

Jackson Muwanga, a political analyst and an international law scholar, told this publication that NUP could have entered into a strong alliance with ADF as its military wing.

According to Muwanga, the tradition of many political parties in the opposition having a strategic military base is not new in Uganda.

He says Uganda’s political history has remained critically similar, and history may repeat itself back to the early days of post-independence, when the majority of opposition groups vying to take over the government had a military wing.

It is also on record that various international intelligence agencies have recently heightened surveillance on the activities of NUP principal following his confession of supporting ADF terrorists.

Recently, Kyagulanyi and his entourage were held and interrogated in the UAE for hours over NUP activities in relation to ADF operations.

“Whereas Kyagulanyi claims to be conducting concerts to raise funds to facilitate the repatriation of stranded Ugandans in the UAE back home, sources privy to his activities revealed that the funds could be used to finance ADF terrorist operations,” a Dubai-based intelligence source revealed.

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last week announced that it had provided all the air tickets for stranded Ugandans being repatriated.


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