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Bobi Wine forms alliance with FDC to kick-out Besigye, Kibalama strong union

The political cold war that has for over  a year been raging between the National Unity Platform party aligned to Robert Kyagulanyi against the Forum for Democratic Change party founder, Dr. Kizza Besigye is not about to end.

Reports from the Kamwokya based NUP headquarters revealed that Bobi Wine and his close associates have secretly been rooting for alliance with the FDC party while publicly sidelining Dr Besigye’s RED CARD FRONT, pressure group.

“When Besigye formed “RED CARD FRONT”, political pressure group, He invited Kyagulanyi’s NUP to join and form a political coalition to mount pressure on the ruling NRM but he (Wine) ignored this citing hidden agenda by Besigye,” Samuel Lubega Makaaku, a close political associate to Besigye is quoted to have said.

The source within Kamwokya revealed that soon after turning down Besigye’s invite, Bobi Wine and his team embarked on a clandestine move to form an alliance with FDC party to sideline Besigye.

“NUP is aware of what Besigye is capable of therefore they opted to formalize alliance with FDC party so as to give them a leeway to sideline him (Besigye) with Kibalama, We know Dr. Besigye’s political union with Kibalama is worrying Bobi Wine’s NUP faction,” An FDC political pundit said.

It is further revealed that NUP (Bobi) has been covertly engaging some top FDC leaders from Najjanankumbi with intention to have their alliance move against Besigye approved.

The source confirmed that Bobi Wine’s NUP group recently suffered from internal political tension after realizing that Besigye team was already in contacts with Kibalama NUP team including some legislators from NUP.

It is also said that the Leader of Opposition-LoP, NUP SG David Luis Rubongoya among others were part of the political alliance between Besigye and Kibalama against Bobi’s NUP faction.

A source close to Dr Besigye said his alliance with Kibalama was also blessed by SG Rubongoya, Mpuuga among others so as to trim Bobi Wine’s unfair political arrogance and to avoid him running the party as a family business.

“A section of top NUP leaders in Bobi Wine’s camp we angered by his constant embarrassing attack that undermined Besigye’s pressure group and describing him as a political spent force incompetent to cause any peanut change in Kampala,” The source said.

It has also been confirmed that Kibalama’s move to open separate NUP offices in Rubaga received strong backing including finances from Besigye’s funders and some NUP top leaders in Parliament.

We have also established that the two (Besigye and Kibalama) have since formed a temporary political alliance to discredit Bobi Wine and his leadership in Kamwokya.

The source has also noted that several influential figures within FDC especially Nandala Mafabi and the Women league have supported Besigye’s alliance with Kibalama.

“We all know what Besigye is capable of doing,” said Nandala Mafabi.

This has since generated fear among other political rivals especially Bobi Wine’s NUP faction that is already shaken by Kibalama’s faction.

In a move to over shadow Besigye’s political influence, Bobi Wine has now manipulated FDC’s leadership to form a political alliance, a move that saw his NUP faction declaring to support FDC candidate in Soroti East County by-election.

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