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Bobi Wine Cannot Overthrow Museveni With Just Abuse And Personal Attacks – Balaam Barugahara.

I receive phone calls from all over the world. I am tired of people asking me why I receive calls from the President. Many nations worldwide have founding fathers such Hamilton, Jefferson and Washington in the USA and it is now the biggest country in the world.

That’s why we should not rush change in Uganda by waking up and thinking that everyone can be president of this country. It is very wrong. We should give our elders the opportunity and the time to finish their work after all they are also human beings who live and die. We need their experience and guidance as a nation.

You cannot force a revolutionary like President Museveni out of power. He does not need a lot of time. People like Bobi Wine and his People Power group who believe that they can change government through abuse and insults are confused and misguided. We have Generals like Muhoozi Kainerugaba who are young and upcoming who can be our leaders when the time has come for that.

It will not be possible that way. Let’s give them a chance to lead and guide us towards a peaceful transition. Museveni was picked by God just like all other leaders. Let him mentor those that will lead us when he is gone so let us not rush the process.

Museveni is a muchwezi and as thus he cannot go by force. Mentorship is a process that takes time. We need this enabling environment brought by Museveni and we need to protect it jealously. Young people like Ashburg Kato can use this peace to reach out to other youths to achieve their potentials in music, ICT, agriculture and others.

I support Museveni and it is good that we support him for one more term so that he can advance his development projects like Kapeeka, Namanve and Mbale industrial park. Don’t ask me again why I support the president.

The NRM has a big pool of potential young civil and military officials who are ready to inherit the leadership of this nation through the right channels and not just shouting on social media.

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