Bobi Wine Bashed for Meddling in Kenya’s Affairs Despite Failing Uganda’s Struggle


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Netizens have lashed at the leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, for interfering in Kenya’s domestic matters, yet he has stalled Uganda’s struggle for regime change that he claims to be spearheading.

The backlash follows Bobi Wine’s X post that he made in support of Kenyans protesting against the contentious taxation measures for the 2024/25 fiscal year in a campaign dubbed the Anti-Finance Bill Protest.

“Power to you, the young people of Kenya; you are speaking up, and your voices are being heard far beyond the Kenyan borders. We hope your leaders, too, are listening! We continue to stand in solidarity with you,” reads Bobi Wine’s post.

The post outraged Ugandans, who in turn criticized Bobi Wine for meddling in Kenyan affairs, yet he did nothing when Ugandans were aggrieved by similar issues. They cited his inaction when the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) introduced the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS) in addition to new taxes that will take effect in July 2024.

“I didn’t see you, Mr. President, demonstrate with our traders in Kampala when they were fighting EFRIS,” Akatuhwera Edison replied to Bobi Wine’s post.

Many other Ugandans have reacted to Bobi Wine’s post, accusing him of jumping on issues that less concern him while neglecting those that concern Ugandans, whom he claims to be fighting for.

They further claimed that whenever Uganda is having issues, all he does is jump on the next plane and run to the USA or Europe to embark on uncalled-for advocacy for LGBTQ rights and other kinds of showbiz, like premiering movies.

“Wine should leave matters of Kenyans to Kenyans; the fella took Ugandan issues aboard a plane to sell film! And now he is pretending that what? He is dishonest and has no principals,” another X user, Nalongo Nana Mwafrika, argued.

Mention Africa posted that Bobi Wine is like a pastor who has a failed relationship with his wife, but is lecturing couples on how to make their relationships stronger.

Experts have argued that Bobi Wine’s love for popularity, given his music background, keeps pushing him to comment on every trending matter; however, such comments could prove detrimental to his political mileage.

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