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Bobi Wine Abandons Election Observation role for Business in US following pressure from Kenyans

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has reportedly left Kenya prematurely before the presidential elections could end following pressure from Kenyans who accused him of being biased and showing his support for Raila Odinga.

Following the mounted pressure from the Kenyan electorates, Kyagulanyi eloped to the US for personal dealings, abandoning his role and the by-election races going on in Uganda.

Prior to going to Kenya, Kyagulanyi had told the press that he would observe elections until the very end but this publication has learnt that on arrival in Kenya he camped with Hon. Babu Owino to secretly mobilize support for Raila Odinga. 

Njoroge Mutano Jacob, a Kenyan Political analyst said that what Kyagulanyi got himself into would have resulted into bigger chaos and condemned the manner in which a delegate meant to impartially observe an election behaved.

“He would have been lynched by angry Kenyans and that would mean total Chaos and who knows how our Ugandan brothers would react to the lynching of Kyagulanyi,” Njoroge said.  

Kenyans reportedly asked him to leave the country which prompted him to fly to the US.

 “We politely asked him to leave Kenya and go back to Uganda because he was bringing unnecessary chaos here. We wanted the elections to go smoothly and his presence is known to complicate things,” Njoroge revealed.

However, Kenyan sources said that Kyagulanyi was not in Kenya for the election but to conduct business with Babu Owino Member of parliament in the Kenyan Parliament.

Amemo, a source close to Owino states that Kyagulanyi held long meetings with Owino to further their business dealings away from politics.

“Bobi wine spent hours and hours with Mr. Owino, discussing business deals where he will be supplying goods from the US and Mr. Owino will be the middle man,” Amemo revealed.

Babu Owino is famously known for the murder of a Kenyan dj.

Joshua Mutabazi revealed that Kyagulanyi opted to fly to the US for personal businesses and not Uganda, a move that has left opposition in Uganda bitter accusing him of abandoning the by- elections back at home.  

Masereka Bosco, a NUP supporter in Busongora stated that the Busongora by-elections are going to be hard to win, since all three candidates are strong and the party president’s presence would have helped garner support for their candidate.

“Imagine if we had our principal on ground with us, he would make a great impact, boosting our morale and our candidates’ morale too who is being bullied by FDC members, but he is off doing his own things. We deserve better,” Masereka said.

Voters in Uganda believe that Bobi Wine left at a time when his party members really needed his support in the ongoing by- elections in Kasese-Busongora, Kisoro-Bukimbiri and, Pallisa- Gogonya which might cost the party the by-elections.

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