BOB WINE’s Body Guard Could be arrested following Mobilization for Violent Riots in Kampala


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Following wide spread social media mobilization for a violent riot in Kampala, Security forces have warned that all the perpetrators will be proactively arrested and charged in the Courts of Law.

The warning comes after Ashraf who is also Bobi Wines Body Guard and other NUP activists shared Video Clips in closed whatsApp groups calling upon youth to Join in the struggle and participate in a violent strike just like that of November 2020.

A snap shot from a video where Ashraf flanked by NUP youth is warning Ugandans not to go to work

In one of the Video clips, Ashraf is seen flanked by other several youth doing fighting trainings. He warns Ugandans against going to town for work starting Wednesday 3rd November 2021.

“There is no any other announcement, I will not tolerate any person who will claim to want to go to work, you will understand what it means, should I see anyone attempting to go to work while we are fighting, you will tell a bitter story,” Speaking in Luganda Bobi Wine’s Body Guard warned.

According to the circulating information, the plan is to stage road blocks on all roads leading to Kampala city and burn tyres with the aim of bringing the city to standstill by stopping business operations.

In another Video Clip, Ashraf is seen visiting the grave of Frank Senteza’s grave. Senteza is a former NUP supporter who fell off a pick up and died during the Presidential Campaign trails. While visiting the grave, Ashraf is heard paying tribute to Frank and promising the dead man to fight.

According to the video clips being shared in the whatsApp groups where these radical NUP members belong to, there is a plan to cause more violent riots across the country which will include throwing petrol bombs, attacking key security installations, security vehicles and other strategic locations with the view of disabling the government from cracking down on them.

Ugandan security Agencies say that they are prepared, trained and committed to protecting Ugandans and their property which is their cardinal constitutional mandate. Ugandans are also urged to stay away from these illegal and criminal actions aimed at causing lawlessness in the country.


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