February 27, 2020
  • February 27, 2020

‘Bizeemu’ Contradicts The Messanger

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Over the weekend, Female music artiste Catherine Kusasira held a successful concert at the Serena Conference center, Kampala that was also attended by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni a fan of the musician.

Amidst the show’s glamour and pomp, a one Ronald Mayinja, a fellow local musician was also given the opportunity to perform for the audience.

Mayinja, is aspiring to stand for elective politics come 2021 general elections just like many in his industry. Typical with the trend, Mayinja sung one of his songs titled ‘bizeemu‘, loosely translated to mean, history is repeating itself.

In his performance in which he directed the message to the President, he alleges that the government today has repeated many of the misdeeds of the past governments like extra judicial killings of citizens.

When the opportunity came for the President to speak at the celebration, he aptly reminded Mayinja that back then, it is the government that killed citizens while today its the citizens killing fellow citizens citing the case of the recent unfortunate murder of Maria Nagirinya.

Museveni also reminded him that during the reign of this government people have unlimited freedoms for example speech and self expression which they could freely use to express themselves, something that was unheard of in the former regimes. Many artistes at the time who dared oppose the government openly either ended up dead or in exile.

Many aspiring politicians today have used their music to enhance their careers for example Bobi Wine and Eddie Kenzo. The fact these people who are so opposed to Museveni and his government have been given such opportunity should alone be a testament to advances we have made in democracy as a country.

Whereas the songs of criticism may be appealing to a disillusioned section of the public, doesn’t mean that their messages are gospel truth.

In an attempt to embarrass the President and the government on a non political occasion, it is commendable how graceful his excellence handled the situation and used the opportunity to educate and enlighten population.

President Museveni is never one to hideaway from a challenge, this is something that many aspiring politicians like Mayinja ought to learn if they are to have an impact on their constituents.

New politicians on the scene should also be mindful of the messages that they put in their songs. They are highly respected in society and should be mindful of misleading their loyal followers.

Bizeemu is cheap shot at gathering popularity though empathizing with a vulnerable population. Politicians especially those with a musical background should not misuse their talents for selfish gains but to inspire their followers to be achievers like themselves.

Steve Mungereza

Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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