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Bitter Condemnation of US Sanctions Against Gen Abel Kandiho

By Joy Kikomeko

The financial sanction against the Commander of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence-CMI, Major General Abel Kandiho by the United States administration has attracted wide condemnation from Ugandans and the Uganda Peoples Defense Force.

On Tuesday, United States of America authorities announced it had slapped financial sanctions against Maj Gen Kandiho but UPDF authority said they will be seeking clarification from the authorities.

Brig Gen, Flavia Bwekwaso, the UPDF spokesperson said Gen Kandiho was not given a fair hearing by the USA authorities before announcing what she described as “unilateral financial sanctions.”

“As a country and UPDF in particular, a reputable government institution, we are disappointed that such a decision could be made by a country we consider friendly, a partner and a great ally, without due process and in total disregard of the principle of fair hearing coupled with failure to make the necessary consultation,” Brig Byekwaso said in a statement.

Brig Bwekwaso asserted that ggoing forward, UPDF will be seeking clarification from the United States of America government and the authorities to be able to determine way forward

This decision has not only gone down bitterly with the UPDF authority but also attracted gashing reception from several Ugandans.

“I am not bothered by the so-called sanctions. I have no business with the US, it is political. They should just be careful not to create unnecessary conflict and lose allies,” Maj Gen Abel Kandiho said.

“Joshua Mbaho, a Ugandan youth on twitter said,” When Capitol hill was attacked, the people involved were arrested, some were killed and most of them are still rotting in various detentions and the whole world was condemning the act.”

Mbaho adds: “Paid goons attacked Uganda they raped women, destroyed people’s property robbed & killed innocent people, etc. When our security organs responded to put our country back in order, the same US that is still holding the Capitol Hill attackers in jails is now threatening our security officers with sanctions. Sad!

“Dear peace-loving Ugandans, if we didn’t have people like Gen Abel Kandiho, by now Uganda would be another Libya or Somalia in the making. That’s what imperialists want, they take the chance of our greedy brothers to penetrate us, be alert,” Isaac Niyi Nawumanya posted on his twitter page.

Gen. Abel Kandiho was behind the critical intelligence that convinced the CIA to list ADF as a terrorist group early this year! The US issued warrants and freeze the assets of its top leadership- first deal with your country. Uganda is doing well and loves its servant Gen Kandiho- Hillary MK shared on his twitter space.

This is the second time the United States of America is slapping sanctions on senior military officers. Some years back, former Inspector General of Police, Lt Gen Kaleh Kayihura was sanctioned by the US over alleged human rights abuse in the country.



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