Babu Owino Endorsement An Indictment On Bobi Wine


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Robert Kyagulanyi yesterday caused a quasi-diplomatic row between Kenya and Uganda yesterday when he endorsed Kenyan MP for Embarkasi County for his campaign in the upcoming Nairobi County Governor Elections.

Bobi Wine who made the endorsement via social media came under heavy scrutiny from Kenyans who were disgusted by his endorsement of an individual of questionable character after he was involved in a bar brawl that left one reveller badly wounded after he shot him with his gun.

Paul Ongili Babu Owino is charged with two counts. In the first count, the lawmaker is charged with the offence of attempted murder following events at B Club on January 17, 2020.

Babu is said to have unlawfully attempted to cause the death of Felix Orinda, aka Dj Evolve by shooting him on the neck.

In the second count, Babu is charged with the offense of behaving disorderly while carrying a firearm.

Majority of Kenyans on social media were left in disbelief after the endorsement. Bobi Wine has personally been liable of very many lapses of judgements. He is on record to have endorsement drug abuse among the youths, a number of people died at his one love beach inexplicably.

His supporters have always been quick to say that this was a case of character assassination. Bobi Wine on his part admits that Babu Owino has a bad past but has accordingly changed and deserves another chance.

That is not in doubt. What is clear now is that Bobi Wine clearly lacks a public relations policy. Babu Owino played a big part in popularizing Bobi Wine in Kenya during the 2021 campaigns. Bobi Wine could have used a similar tactics and not try to endear such a criminal onto the Kenyan people.

The endorsement is a shame and stain on the reputation of Kyagulanyi. Appearances matter in politics and if you associate with murderers and people of questionable character then you may as well be one.

Steve Mungereza
Steve Mungereza
Sociopolitical Analyst. Coverage of National and Regional news stories.

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