Artists Navio, Gravity Omutujju  Exhibit Maturity Ahead of Today’s Concerts


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Ugandan rap sensations Daniel Lubwama Kigozi, aka Navio, and Gereson Wabuyi, aka Gravity Omutujju, are both poised to deliver an unforgettable musical experience to their devoted fan base this Saturday, September 2, 2023.

Navio is holding his concert dubbed “20 Years of  Navio” at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala Gardens, while Gravity will hold his at the Lugogo Cricket Oval grounds in a concert he dubbed “Okwepicya” this evening.

In previous years, the two rappers hurled insults at each other, but this conduct appears to have subsided, and they are both fine with performing their concerts on the same day because they believe each has his own fan base.

Earlier this week, when the two met, they rallied fans to turn up and support each other’s concert, something that cannot be said about the ongoing battle between Cindy and Sheebah.

Gravity bought Navio’s tickets for the concert, worth Ugx1 million. However, he said that there are no free tickets for his concert since his own show is cheaper than the latter’s.

Some music lovers said that there is no reason for the musicians to fight one another since each one of them has a different crowd.

“Navio is an uptown, polished, and musician who mostly sings for a certain class of people. Look at the venue for his concert. This Gravity guy seems vulgar and obscene. Because, like now, what is the meaning of Okwepicya? Anyway, they are different artists with different fan bases, and so I believe each one of them will get a well-deserved crowd,” Nabimanya said.

Gravity is best known for his songs like Broken English, Ekyebeyi, Musomesa, Tusimbudde, Olimba, Kati Nebwentema, and many more, while Navio’s best known are Badman from Kamwokya, Nawuliranga, Njogereza, Gon kill me, She likes me, One and Only, and many others.

The display of such behaviour among musicians is precisely what audiences desire, as it serves as a testament to the maturation, unity, and evolution of rap music.

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