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Government critics also die! They are not immortal. Yes, you heard right. Seasoned Government critics also die of natural causes.

Despite the post-mortem report that was released by the catholic Church authorities, the NUP yappists continue to spread misinformation claiming that the Bishop died of some unclear causes.

The late Archbishop of Kampala Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga succumbed to Ischemic heart disease following coronary heart thrombosis, according to a post-mortem report from Mulago national referral hospital.

However, so many NUP personalities are contesting the cause of his death. Nambooze claims that the blood clot must have originated from somewhere different, even when Arch Bishop Lwanga’s personal Doctor says that the heart attack is consistent with his history of heart disease.

Dr Ssekitoleko who is the health Coordinator of the diocese was the first doctor to arrive at the Body of Lwanga.  In his statements, he said that he found the Arch Bishop still and dead with no signs of struggle at around 9: 00AM on Saturday.

He adds that the post-mortem was carried out at Mulago hospital mortuary by at least four senior pathologists in the presence of four witnesses; two of whom were representatives of the family and two physicians delegated by the church.

With all this information to the public, yappists as I choose to call them for lack of a better word, are spreading hate information to gullible social media users.  They forget that they are unethically harming the person of the late Archbishop, the Catholic Church and his family who are still grieving.

To know that the NUP apologists have run out of their mind, they went ahead to use a picture of one of the priests and spread inciting and malicious statements against him accusing him to be a spy and an SFC soldier who clad himself in catholic priest vestments to attend ArchBishop Lwanga’s requiem mass.

The picture made rounds causing a lot of damage on the Priest. The Picture later turned out to be of a genuine priest Rev. Fr.  Ssegonja who is the serving Parish priest of Biina Parish.

The malicious statements against him were very damaging that the Catholic Church information office had to come out to clarify the identity of the priest.

The priest became a victim of the key board NUP warriors who claim they are removing a dictator by stepping on every one they don’t like. They don’t care, they will harm anyone without tolerance and that’s the change they want.

That the Archbishop’s family was not given chance to host the body at his ancestral home? What do people want? Can’t a Government critic die a natural death?  Can’t a cleric be given a state burial?

Government critics also die! They are not immortal. Yes, you heard right. Seasoned Government critics also die of natural causes.

Government has lost a stronghold and his shoe will be big to replace. Dr. Lwanga has been a great public advisor to the Government, an indication of loss on Government side, the church and the nation at large.

His Grace deserves to rest in peace as a hero of peace, a shepherd, a Statesman who deserves a wreath not wrath!

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