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Angry Butambala Youth Chase Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi Over False Promises and Lies

Youths in Butambala County have chased Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi from his constituency where he had gone to attend a function. He stood up to give his speech where he started by accusing Government for failure to deliver services to the region and this rubbed the youth the wrong way.

The youths believe that members of parliament are elected to represent and advocate for service delivery and not go back to play blame games to their electorates. 

 “We have realized that Muwanga Kivumbi is playing on our heads, he was supposed to go and advocate for us but all he has done is play blame games,” John Magere, a youth stated.

The angry youth wondered why Hon. Muwanga who is a beneficiary of Government and receives a salary, bonuses plus the 40 million that was given to them recently would wash his mouth with dust and turn around and call them to rise up against government.

“How can he come and start telling us to demonstrate against government when he is eating big money? We know about the ugx40million he was given which did not even do anything for us,” Magere said.

The youth who were chanting ‘away away’ say that Hon. Muwanga is a selfish, well off man who does not care about his electorate’s interests.

Youths accused Hon. Muwanga for conniving with the district officials in doing shoddy works on several government projects in the constituency.

“We know Government provided enough funds for these works but the honorable has colluded with some district leaders to do shoddy works and embezzle the rest of the money,” a youth who preferred anonymity stated.

The youth also accused Hon. Muwanga of taking his position in parliament as a business and not to deliver services as he promised.

According to the youth, Hon. Muwanga has led the constituency for the last three terms but nothing significant has been achieved.

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